When the weather gets hot, in the use of fingerprints combination lock should pay attention to?

by:Level      2020-07-17
After tomb-sweeping day, the weather in many parts of the south started to turned hot, the sun is shining, like a summer amorous feelings, installed the fingerprint friends must pay attention to the combination lock, this period is important for a fingerprint combination lock maintenance. The weather gets hot, it is easy to perspire, for finger sweat, recognition, there is some error while fingers sweat will remain on the fingerprint, one is form the dirt, the other one is easy to internal damage, impact on the performance of fingerprint combination lock and its life. When go out, can bring tissue, dry sweat operation. The weather gets hot, many people who like sports also like in the evening go out to play basketball, play soccer, etc. Some games make hands become dirty, there are many dirt, etc. If not for identification to open the door again after cleaning, easy to wear and dirty, will also affect the fingerprint combination lock performance. The weather gets hot, about the number of times are getting more and more open and will be attention to the problem of battery power, if the low battery warning, need to be replaced in advance, at the same time, not with old and new batteries with, need to replace. In case of strong wind, etc. , to tread softly closed, don't push or the wind suddenly push close, such as steel, have influence on fingerprint combination lock. Need to take care of, good maintenance, small problems appear less, longer service life.
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