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by:Level      2020-07-21
In the past, the smartphone era, in order to facilitate communication with our parents, follow the trend, buy using the smartphone, add a lot of joy to life. Time is fleeting, older parents, often go out by forgot to take the key to lock the door, after waiting for we came home from work to open the door, if trends, smart door locks, these things would not have happened, parents also get some guarantee security. Because the door lock of trival things in life a dime a dozen, but most can be solve by installing smart door lock. If we want to give parents to install a smart door locks, to choose a suitable for their use. At the same time, parents through the rest of your life struggle, more valuable items in the home, the door of the safety performance requirements is high also, smart door locks can meet these requirements, make life more safe and comfortable. Smart door locks, with fingerprint lock, password lock, card lock and key to open the lock mode at the same time, and the app, and other functions, check the door lock at any time dynamic, to understand their parents in and out of the time. You have intelligent voice remind operation, simple and convenient. Grade C lock and alarm functions, let parents life safe, convenient and comfortable.
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