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by:Level      2020-07-18
In daily life, the traditional mechanical locks are using keys to open the door, but mechanical keys often forget to carry, or mechanical keys lost, even by criminals copy, it give people life a lot of trouble and inconvenience, security issues, in particular, is to let people uneasy. Not long ago, revealed normal anti-theft lock anti-theft ability weak and pose a safety hazard. On the show, any one of the thieves can use & other; Tin foil lock & throughout; Technology to steal their possessions of others. After the broadcast, resident in succession since the crisis, they are paying attention to the door lock safety performance of their own at the same time, more have a doubt, that is what kind of door lock is safe and reliable? If it's not common lock, what we can use that? The current domestic market is given priority to with these products, respectively is: mechanical lock, induction, combination lock, fingerprint lock trick lock, the function principle of each product and technology are not the same. Mechanical lock is one of the common people with more is of ordinary mechanical lock. Induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, the hotel room with the door card lock is locked, and many enterprises choose the combination lock for the door control management. In the four kinds of locks, fingerprint lock combination lock is science and technology content is higher. Fingerprint combination lock better safety performance according to the division anti-theft performance, popular fingerprint combination lock divided into two categories, general fingerprint combination lock and combination lock anti-theft fingerprint. Ordinary fingerprint trick lock, the difference with the original electronic lock is not much, mainly is to switch to the fingerprint authentication, but not for existing domestic security doors, this kind of fingerprint combination lock without hook pieces of heaven and earth, cannot use security doors and security system. Fingerprint anti-theft lock, safety is better, can apply to standard security door and wooden door. This kind of lock can lock security doors with heaven and earth system of automatic or semi-automatic, does not affect the performance of the existing security doors. According to understand, anti-theft performance is different, the market price also has difference. Which has the function of mechanical anti-theft fingerprint combination lock prices are higher than those ordinary fingerprint combination lock anti-theft function of heaven and earth. The consumer in the choose and buy, therefore, the fingerprint trick lock, the first to choose corresponding lock according to your door. According to the requirements of using fingerprint is generally selected combination lock. Different door to choose different fingerprint trick lock, the family use should choose combination lock anti-theft type fingerprint, so the requirement of the steel is low, not modified, after-sales maintenance is convenient. Fingerprint combination lock engineering general bulk purchase, can ask door factory also directed to provide conforms to the product of form a complete set of door installation, so there is no modification problem, but the follow-up maintenance or replacement ordinary anti-theft lock, there will be some trouble, does not match the new lock will exist. Fingerprint although combination lock on the safety performance is higher than mechanical lock, but because technology, the fingerprint combination lock in and the joining of smart home and problems, and can't play its performance. Fingerprint combination lock prices too high is also a reason, not widely use compared with dozens of hundreds of ordinary mechanical lock, fingerprint combination lock actuator is 23000 is indeed not the price advantage.
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