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by:Level      2020-07-16
Because is price, sales, brand enterprises are leading brands. Products exquisite workmanship, materials standards, design scientific and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance, and market positioning is higher, so the customer base mainly the rationality of large and medium-sized cities, mainly high-grade consumer groups. Products used in hotel, hotel, villa, residential area, office buildings, hospitals, universities and other places. The secrecy good, the coding capacity is much, much greater than night lock. Random unlock the success rate is almost zero. Password is variable, the user can often change password, to prevent password theft, can also avoid the staff turnover and lowered the categories of the lock. Error input protection, when the input password many errors, alarm system automatically start. 4. Electronic combination lock, easy operation, electronic combination lock operation is simple, that is quick to learn. 5. Linkage slide, mechanical linkage slide, open the door shut down automatically slide, energy saving save electricity, lock protection in place. 6. Fire alarm prompt, when indoor door open fire detection and alarm, to ensure the safety of his family. 7. Escape function, indoors to meet an emergency, just press a hand, can be unlocked state, opened the door. 8. Super class B anti-theft lock core, the use of special super class B anti-theft lock core, do comprehensive security effectively. All rights reserved:
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