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by:Level      2020-07-15
Today's rapid progress in science and technology, smart home, many families was cognitive intelligent device, is a focus of attention of intelligent fingerprint lock. Although intelligent fingerprint lock industry is very hot, but many consumers still wait. Intelligent fingerprint lock's good? What he was using intelligent fingerprint lock? Aiming at these questions, we use the real data and blood lessons tell you: why do you want to install a intelligent fingerprint lock! The country each year due to burglary losses according to the Ministry of Public Security statistics show that: in our country every year due to burglary family losses as high as 1. 13 trillion yuan, 3. 500 million households family property safety could not be fully guaranteed. Become individuals, families, social security is an urgent need to solve the problem. Why burglary continuously in China? Mainly because of China more than 50% of the family is still in use grade A lock, and the ability to open violence against technology, this kind of lock is weak, cause easily outlaws can open more than ten seconds. And old village, village rental, monomer building mostly use grade A lock, and thus became A burglary case tops the list of locations, accounted for about 90% of A burglary case. Thus, a high incidence of burglary mainly lies in the lock security there is a huge hidden trouble. Consequently, the installation of a safety lock is very necessary. So, to install smart lock is lower burglary cases effective choice. Causing climb window forgot to take my keys hanging locks unsafe events, just created opportunities for criminals, is just the property loss. But in recent years, because forget to bring my keys but caused a lot of tragedy, even at the expense of losing his life. , henan TV station reported on March 6, 2017 in the afternoon at about 18, chongqing road no. 53 eton YuBei red gold home village, an 11-year-old boy because forgot to take my keys to home from the roof terrace turn window, but carelessly fall accidentally. Although the boy out of danger, but several fall on me, still need in the intensive care unit treatment. Boy, mercifully, chongqing and shaanxi of the woman was not so lucky. On June 21, 2016, 9 o 'clock in the morning, shangnan Jin Fuwan district 9 floor a woman forget to take the door key, borrow the neighbor's balcony on the fourth floor window himself on the third floor in the home, accidentally fell to his death. When 120 arrived, the woman has no signs of life. Such cases and tragedy for less, and brewing tragedy was we must use the key to every day. Please remember that we are not & other; Spiderman & throughout; , forgot to take my keys must find normal unlock company or the fire department. So, for the sake of the family life safety and convenient pass in and out of the house, intelligent fingerprint lock is the right choice. On the safe side, it is necessary to use intelligent fingerprint lock burglary cases, mainly lock security hidden danger; And climb the window into the house in tragedy, the main reason is that forgot to take my keys. So, to install a safety and don't need to take the key intelligent fingerprint lock is a valid choice. Intelligent fingerprint lock is much higher than traditional safety locks. Intelligent fingerprint lock is a traditional mechanical locks and electronic, Internet of things, biometrics, the combination of the emerging technologies, such as the Internet. Intelligent fingerprint lock use open means, such as fingerprints, password, credit card has not only no copy, also has the voice alarm, remote monitoring, and other functions, and convenience than mechanical lock. Once someone is trying to use technology, violence, open, intelligent fingerprint lock will automatically alarm and remote control, let the criminals do not know how to start, the security is much higher than mechanical lock. Don't have to worry about lost due to forget to bring my keys or key rejected, will no longer be made due to forget to carry the key through Windows the tragedy of the fall. Intelligent fingerprint lock slowly walked into our world, bring people endless changes. A, no longer afraid of theft lock is safeguard family property safety and personal safety of fire line, but the domestic traditional locks already could not reach the requirements of guard against theft, small stolen points minutes to open, with no security. Intelligent fingerprint lock that have a very good protection effect. With no key on two, no longer afraid of going out the whole set of keys to bring us a lot of trouble, put him forget, put in my pocket also was afraid, scary all day. The emergence of intelligent fingerprint lock solves this problem. A fingerprint is the key, a little finger, open easily, convenient and quick. Three, never shut out of the back pain shopping carrying bags is not convenient to find the key to charm, running in the morning exercise is not convenient to take the key, late, don't have my keys are kept out of his wife. Intelligent fingerprint lock save many complicated open steps, it is fast, safe, intelligent features quietly changing people's life. People no longer worry for the keys, also won't worry for home security, even in the process of using fingerprint lock reflect her life taste, take your time to enjoy life. Life can't make do, spend thousands of yuan, buy a with five or six years or even more than 10 years of intelligent fingerprint lock, protect not only is the security of the property, but also the lives of family!
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