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by:Level      2020-07-16
The cause of the smart home industry growth, can be analysis from several aspects: the first is the real estate market downturn, developers are seeking new breakthrough. And smart home as a new highlight of fine decoration has been favored by the developers, such as smart locks the high-end quality locks as the standard, can decorate a bright color. Smart home usually need with intelligent community cohesion, so developers is intelligence household suitable facilitator. At present, most of the smart home market growth, is by the developers of group purchasing contribution. The rise of a large number of small businesses lower the market price, the market has brought great vitality, objectively promoted the development of the industry. Of course, the good and evil people mixed up with the decrease of the quality of the product and industry and so on. Why smart home so hot? National market driving force, this also is only a process of industry development, should be taken seriously, nor alarmist. The whole intelligent household industry matures. In the industry a lot of technology in the continuous development and mature, related products are also began to fruition. Before many of the concepts are implemented, the operation of the unstable system are gradually stabilized. Technical level and product quality improve, for the comprehensive development of smart home industry provides the prerequisites. Intelligent household age is the Internet of things has entered the age of the family, it not only refers to those phones, tablets, size, electrical appliances, computers, cars, also should put the food and clothing live line information into the intelligent household system, intelligent household will include many link of people's lives, with electronic anti-theft door lock, life health, daily service, have been made by simple security level to a higher demand, its purpose is to let the family life of people more comfortable, more simple, more convenient, more happy.
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