Why do you choose smart door lock in the mechanical keys?

by:Level      2020-07-16
Today's smart door lock has a variety of lock, such as fingerprints, passwords, CARDS, APP, small programs, such as mechanical key now is only used to make spare key, to deal with an emergency, etc. So in the fingerprint combination lock, mechanical keys is necessary? In smart door locks, fingerprint combination lock that regulations of the state, the factory will be with mechanical key, can also be used for emergency use, such as encounter other open means failure or no electric power, complete with a mechanical key to open the door. There are also people who believe that a keyhole, and the traditional mechanical lock, there is the risk of technical opening. Actually, used in fingerprint combination lock anti-theft lock core is C level, in terms of preventing technical opening, has good effect, high safety performance. And smart door lock mechanical key not to wear every day, can be placed in a fixed in a safe place, such as parents' home, car, office, etc. , encounter situation, can be done in a timely manner to get the key to open the door.
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