Why do you want to replace smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-15
Smart door lock has been gradually popularized in life, but still there are a lot of people ask, why do you want to change smart door lock? First of all, this is the product of the era, is the testimony of the development of science and technology, and is also the entry level products of high quality life, modern people is a kind of trend, irresistible. Its smart door locks, as technology products, in order to better life. Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks have diverse unlock way: fingerprints, password, CARDS, NFC, app, small programs, etc. , diversified way to unlock, let the life from the mechanical keys of all sorts of trouble, make life more convenient, comfortable and natural. Lock's original intention is to protect the safety of home, smart door locks with grade C anti-theft lock core, a variety of warning mechanism, and prevent violence panel and lock body, can effectively prevent the thief stealing. Can also through the mobile phone APP or small program state of remote monitoring and management, checking door lock and door open information, modify, or delete others open access, etc. Remove the inner function, its outward appearance and modern people are more important. Appearance to the material, ensure the quality at the same time, in line with the modern trends and aesthetic.
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