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by:Level      2020-07-16
Fingerprint recognition is based on the biological recognition technology, developed with the mature of biometric technology, face recognition and fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, palmprint are used by people, and in the field of intelligent locks, we are common to the fingerprint identification function. In terms of the existing level of science and technology, in many biological recognition, why the market share of fingerprint recognition so big? Fingerprint recognition has been available for years, after so many years of development and validation of the market, is now quite mature biological recognition technology, have a certain advantages, such as: 1. Strong practicability: fingerprint collection and use of more convenient, fingerprint head is small in size, the acquisition of low cost, can be applied to a variety of equipment. 2. Good stability: fingerprint identification technology is relatively mature, through long-term market inspection, and fingerprint to have sex and sex, and fingerprint identification is stable and reliable. 3. Convenience, fast scanning fingerprints, use very convenient. 4. Fingerprint identification products with good cost performance: fingerprint acquisition more miniaturization, and low cost. It is reported that each person's fingerprints lines in design, breakpoint and intersection, there is a difference between sex and sex. Existing fingerprint recognition based on the two types of basic optical fingerprint acquisition method and semiconductor fingerprint characteristic imaging, after digital processing and analysis, finally for acceptable digital fingerprint feature extracting information, for reference to the sample or directly used for comparison. According to the survey shows that in the future intelligent fingerprint lock will be spread to every family, that is to say, intelligent fingerprint lock market scale will reach 200 billion or so in the future. Early time, intelligent fingerprint lock in China's domestic market share of less than 3% of civil locks, and Europe and the United States market share has reached more than 50% of the market. Although fingerprint identification & other; Fast one step & throughout; Occupy the market, but there's little doubt that, iris recognition, vein recognition such as safety coefficient higher biological recognition technology, will move slowly. In addition, the vendor also need to realize that, compared to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries of the intelligent lock penetration, the penetration rate is still less than 3% of our country. Lock market at present, the domestic companies break into intelligence, and foreign companies are eyeing the Chinese this piece of blue ocean, believe this kind of fierce competition, can make intelligent lock technology further instead.
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