Why fingerprint combination lock equipped with mechanical key?

by:Level      2020-07-09
Fingerprint combination lock market, the role of breed nowadays kind various, and its the lock mode is diversified, in addition to basic equipped with fingerprint, password, CARDS, etc. , and mobile phone APP, small programs, such as bluetooth, NFC and some new type biological technology such as face recognition recognition approach. But most of the fingerprint lock brand locks are equipped with a mechanical keys, since is a key era, how to retain the key? First industry standards, and then specifies the factory's fingerprints have to retain mechanical key to open the lock mode, combination lock for emergency lock, fingerprint combination lock to prevent failure or no electricity, can also through mechanical key to open the door. Some people say that many theft is on the lock open with technology, so keep the lock core hole, fingerprint combination lock safety and mechanical lock will be the same? Actually otherwise, compared with the traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint combination lock with good quality is the class C anti-theft lock core, can effectively prevent technical opening; In a short period of time, is to unlock the door through technical opening, high safety factor. At the same time, keep the mechanical keys does not need to go out to wear every day, only stored in the safe place such as the car outdoor, parents, etc. , for a rainy day. When needed, can be used to remove it.
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