Why I let you spend 2000 yuan to buy a lock?

by:Level      2020-08-04
Since the ancient times is 'a penny a points goods', what kind of price for what kind of products. BMW, mercedes-benz is very expensive, but still don't lack of customers. Intelligent lock, too, to get good products not only look at same price, more want to see what the company can provide quality intelligent lock and what kind of service experience. For those who dare to use smart locks, and in the skeptical of users, I just want to say: you didn't buy, nor used, what do you conclude that intelligent lock is bad, and with what you say it expensive? In today for safe and convenient environment that occupy the home today, safety performance is low mechanical lock, obviously do not conform to the requirements of The Times. In addition, the traditional property management and security companies, can only play a role of the most basic security patrol, but to truly realize the safe, convenient, intelligent residential life, intelligent security products of science and technology is necessary. The current domestic market of lock products is multifarious, the main mechanical lock, induction lock, combination lock, fingerprint lock, the function principle of each product and technology are not the same. Mechanical lock is the lowest locks, technical content is currently use most locks, every family in use, the key is the only normally open tools. Induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, such as hotel, hotel, etc. Fingerprint lock is many enterprises manage the gating's right-hand man. So, compared with the traditional mechanical lock, intelligent locks have what advantage, can well meet the needs of consumers? A: security fingerprint authentication has uniqueness. Intelligent lock USES a biological recognition technology, is the use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to identify a body, has the characteristics of irreplaceable, unable to replicate and uniqueness. Because of biometric technology need of induction finger temperature, grain, blood flow and other physical characteristics, fingerprint replication technology is difficult to achieve in the real world. 2: intelligent mass storage fingerprints and password information. The initial user can add or delete user information, when the user needs to increase the entry permission for people, just need to the other side of the fingerprint or password information input system. Conversely, when the user wants to stop some people ( For example: decorate teacher, former nanny, etc. ) To enter the home, remove his information. Intelligent operation without user constantly changing lock or key, save unnecessary spending and trouble for the user. The password and id card and magnetic card technology, simultaneous use of mobile NFC induction. Considering inherent defects, some users fingers cannot use fingerprint open technology, high-end products will be equipped with fingerprint lock password and card technology, can facilitate users use different habits, different age. And these three technology each other and complement each other, to provide better services for users. Most intelligent lock also has intelligent derivative security function. Such as pry proof alarm function, this function can be on the outside of the lock body is violent, immediately issued a police siren, linkage alarm directly, and effectively prevent burglar 3: convenience convenience of intelligent lock in anyone not to open the door and any time. Whether you forgot to take my keys, or suffer from both hands full items can't open the door, or in the evening where is the key to get drunk to don't remember with fingerprint lock can avoid the embarrassing situation. For young people likes fashion science and technology, the use of intelligent lock is greatly promoted their for smart home life experience. Especially in the rapid development of electronic science and technology today, using the fingerprint lock will better links with intelligent communication such as mobile phone, as a future open intelligent household first port. Despite the current intelligent lock for slightly higher prices and missed a lot of users, but in today's society, electronic science and technology will be the only in the direction of future development. Fingerprint lock with the advantages of its security, intelligence, convenience, will replace the mechanical lock to become the first choice of resident. Conclusion 'smart lock' technology has been fully mature, when change the lock is now smart lock is a lock, but also improve the quality of life, to protect the safety of his family, 'pioneer'. Intelligent lock the purpose is to change people's life quality and bring people convenient use experience, both safety, functionality and aesthetics, is definitely worth the consumer test. For smart new era today, spend 2000 yuan to buy actually already is not just a lock, is safe, is convenient, but also smart and in the future. Choice, choose your security intelligent household life!
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