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by:Level      2020-07-16
There is no denying the fact that intelligent fingerprint lock is now gradually becomes a popular products, intelligent gradually entered innumberable families, now already a lot of on the market, such as intelligent alarm, remote cameras, smart, intelligent product and so on intelligent switch socket, these intelligent products from different fields for the user to solve the corresponding problems, and more and more accepted by consumers. When it comes to intelligent fingerprint lock, a lot of people to it is its only. A lot of people interested in it, but worry about intelligent fingerprint lock and often out of order again. Smart door lock should not only have the appearance of the traditional door lock, let ordinary users safely. Need to have the unique functions, not only meet the requirements of convenience and instead of the mechanical lock unlock requirements. A good intelligent fingerprint lock, therefore, not only stay on the elegant appearance and function, can both safety, functional, practical, the stability of the intelligent fingerprint lock, just enough to deserve & other; Intelligent & throughout; The label. You worry about intelligent fingerprint lock, to help you solve! A, appearance and function and in appearance, intelligent fingerprint lock is made of zinc alloy material which forming, prevent oxidation fade and rust, durable good anti-theft effect. All touch panel password, feel is good is not easy to wear, fashionable in design and easy, as delicate as works of art! On intelligent fingerprint lock function, not only to open the door way to diversity, and a low voltage tips, pseudo-code peeping prevention and a series of functions, can also use the APP remote monitoring and control intelligent fingerprint lock the door. Second, the essence of intelligence does not forget safety regardless of door lock intelligence to what extent, cannot forget: door lock is the essence of security! So, one of the purposes of intelligent, is to make the security more secure! At this point, consider a kind of intelligent fingerprint lock! Dual authentication, key lock protection, prevent to pry alarm, duress alarm, and other functions, can be from all aspects to ensure the safety of the lock. Plus C lock core, 270 minutes against the technical opening. Three, quality worthy of the price, there is no lack of cost-effective on the market at present all sorts of fancy functions as stunt, the cost is not high, ordinary fingerprint lock price bid up to tens of thousands of examples abound. Intelligent fingerprint lock than comparable intelligent fingerprint lock the average selling price is much more affordable! Rather than show off stunt, emphasises the smart way of doing things, it is better to truly safeguard the safety of products in innovative technology. 24 years professional do lock, determined to do & other; National brand & throughout; , let all the owners use up, rest assured brand, the future will continue to innovation, to bring more ground gas, understand the user's product!
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