Why is less known and inferior brand smart door lock is more and more difficult to survive

by:Level      2020-07-15
When smart lock market competition is so fierce, smart door locks in 2019 competition between manufacturers increasingly highlighted, there are thousands of brands in China, there are big brand also has a small brand, so why miscellaneous brands intelligent lock is very difficult to survive? Why only two or three years into so many enterprises and brands, everyone is very short, the idea of intelligent lock profession is still in its early stage of development, penetration has yet to 5%, the future market space is very big, but the 2000 enterprises, more real research and development, the ability of original enterprise not to surpass 300. Especially some enterprises think that smart lock is on the basis of the traditional mechanical lock overlay some electronic devices becomes a smart lock, or head of hotel lock and fingerprint, password, etc. So now, many small micro intelligent lock enterprise, or the small mill type intelligent lock enterprise from different manufacturers to buy PCB, plan, fingerprint head, algorithms, such as panel, lock body parts, plus a male die, after a brief to assemble their products. So, the quality requirement of intelligent lock, exterior process are higher than mobile phones. 'The mobile phone is broken, just toss aside, intelligent lock once broken, users get in the door, the user is almost zero tolerance wait outside at the door. 'It is enough to prove that the shanzhai thoughts in smart locks professional doesn't necessarily work.
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