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by:Level      2020-07-16
Nearly many friends are asking, also some such questions on zhihu, fingerprint lock on earth is the real future demand? After much deliberation, analyze the following situation, look to whether can answer exactly the fingerprint lock is so-called future & other; Strong demand & throughout; , or a sense of just need! Here are for example in real scene, look to whether can bring you resonate! 1. Lost keys, forgot to take my keys are such groups believe many people will resonate. Especially in widely for safety requirements under the condition of more and more high, be about to change a lock to basically lost a key, at least, is the need to replace the lock core, but if the keys took or suddenly thrown out of the house, without keys is more terrible, light can't get into the house for a long time, or may cause accident, this can be checked went up from the news. 2. Travel, business more people like the author, a year has past on a business trip in the outside, rarely take the key, every time is agreed with my family before a trip to remember to leave a door unlocked, because on a business trip or keep the key in the box, or without, salute put home take trouble in box, with no trouble family. Use the fingerprint lock, tell a doctor to go, remember put the quilt on the sofa, Alas, the author of) Back, his fingers to solve everything. 3. Dinner party more gens also is the instance, or in the evening drink where is the key to all don't know, either drink can't find the keyhole, always trouble her family open the door, and even sometimes wrong door with a key lock to poke someone's home, too embarrassed! But if the finger instead of keys? All solved. 4. Lazy people every weekend to aunt to clean, but every time at home and the aunt, aunt is too much trouble, if can manage cleaning ( The premise is to believe that cleaning the aunt, but also can't be open to the aunt what time his own house, good at a certain time to open) He could go out shopping, and more good, so the fingerprint lock can help you achieve. 5. Home has a old gens old man have a bad memory, also began to poor body, children is not around, keys always lost, hung on the neck also easy to forget, and it's too big. Children if parents want to know when can only run errands phone back and forth, but increase the time, effort and cost of tumultuous, if from far more trouble, a little problem can only make a phone call, just worried sick! So simple, can pass the fingerprint lock open law whether parents work and rest properly. 6. Intelligent household suitors gens home have a camera, lug plate, intelligent lamp even intelligent rice cooker, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent TV, smart fridge, already the whole house intelligence, but what can help us take these things according to the family member accurately identified and application scenarios, don't want to, fingerprint lock. When the press at the moment of finger, identification, according to the scene of identity began to start, now that's real smart home, fingerprint lock is the master of whole house intelligence. 7. Ms shopping gens beautiful ladies, shopping is your love, home shopping is big trouble, bags in hand, bother turning package to find the key, bag big some keys to turn, favorite things all on the ground, if we can only make one finger to open the door that is more convenient. 8. Go home visits gens home relatives and friends walk more, often visits, hard to avoid encounter come when no one is in the home, or to the appointment, but temporary have something to come back later, or range. Relatives can't each one key, ssi each one more, how to do? A fingerprint lock solution, tell the password, a temporary password can also be, in short, don't let the ssi, etc. , don't let relatives and friends, etc. 9. Science and technology talent group keys? Don't want to, the phone is my keys, mobile phone is my guiding star, also let me get the key to the old, that's not my style, come on, don't want to mechanical lock, fingerprint lock is my love, this is not just need, is a must, why use fingerprint lock? No reason, the reason is I am a science and technology talent. 10. House gens ` house have a lot more than three sets, each set to match the key, want to rent out, run time, see a room charge a room in a lock, sometimes I forget to change the locks, take the wrong key, have to try again, don't want to run, also don't want to waste, how to do? Simple, in a fingerprint lock, everything is done, showing the remote password to solve the problem, take the wrong keys a finger to solve the problem, a fingerprint lock, everything is done.
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