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by:Level      2020-07-16
With the continuous improvement of living standards, all kinds of intelligent products began to gradually recognized and accepted by people, especially the fingerprint door lock, began to slowly come to ordinary families. But, why low-cost fingerprint door lock can't use? All say a penny a points goods, the cost of fingerprint door lock out there, each function is its corresponding value-added, high prices will naturally. But why there will be a cheap products, even less than one hundred yuan of fingerprint locks were sold, the function is all ready, that its quality will naturally low. Why those big brands of fingerprint lock manufacturers, prices are more stable, basic it in more than one thousand above, investigate its reason, main: cost, quality and after-sales service, etc. Such as fingerprint lock manufacturers, products are independent research and development, production, materials in the lock and lock the stability of product quality are guaranteed, so its costs will be higher, as well as after-sales service cost, the use of after is guaranteed. The low-cost fingerprint door lock products are copying, and then buy cheap material, have been assembled directly and no corresponding test, and no after-sale protection. Although several hundred yuan and more than one thousand looks, appearance similar to that of functionally similar, but god to use experience. This is the reason why why not buy low price.
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