Why many people are still afraid to use smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-16
As smart door lock popularity has increased, more and more people begin to realize and contact smart door locks, but on the network also has all sorts of stories about the security, make people want to use but did not dare to use. Let's see what reason. 1. Think smart door lock off with the all kinds of negative news on the net, be black box open, false fingerprint to open, photos can open face recognition, etc. , make people don't think smart door locks, is off. Actually these problems for normal brand manufacturer, has already been solved. Factory of intelligent locks with anti electromagnetic Settings, the little black box is invalid; Now smart locks basically USES the semiconductor fingerprint identification, belongs to the living recognition, for fake fingerprints, cannot be identified; Face recognition and remote lock on the market at present on the technical level is not enough mature, do not recommend using face recognition or remote unlock function, risk is higher. When the choice, recommend choose normal manufacturer brand products, don't be showed, think the price is low performance about the same, just work, this is the wrong idea. 2. After-sales problem smart door lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, as a product of science and technology, there are a lot of electronic components, will encounter many unsolvable problems, needs to carry out maintenance later. But many people buy the products of a few hundred dollars, out of the question, after looking for after-sales without one. In fact, buy regular brand products, will have a professional after-sale team, as well as outlets across the country, have a problem, can be resolved in a timely manner. Remind you that when buying smart door locks, choose the good quality, after-sale protection products, can not be showed, can think of several hundred yuan. A lock of life also in at least ten years, so their quality is very important, the right choice, can better protect the home security.
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