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by:Level      2020-07-15
The era of intelligence, office places are complying with the trend of The Times with intelligent development, especially in terms of door lock, fingerprint lock the office tend to be humanization, intelligent, safe choice. Fingerprint lock support office 6 big lock function: 1. Password lock 2. Fingerprint lock 3. IC card lock 4. Remote unlock 5. Mobile phone authorization password lock 6. Emergency key to open the door for the office of the people under the condition of big, for some of the more important room, will be equipped with higher security. For this kind of situation, fingerprint lock the office developed a variety of lock way of combining the open method. Such as password + password, fingerprint, fingerprint, fingerprint + password, fingerprint, fingerprint + password and so on way to open the door, to improve the security of office. Office of the stability of the fingerprint lock function design & ndash; — Double system better, the password and fingerprint lock separate two independent systems and control, when occurrence problem of password function with fingerprint lock completely unaffected, greatly improving the stability of office fingerprint lock. On the fingerprint lock lock with respect, office of class C lock anti-theft function more powerful, opening more than 270 minutes, higher security.
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