Why more and more people choose smart locks?

by:Level      2020-08-11
As has been the development of science and technology, also to the requirement of new technology, new technology has been improved. As our patron saint of home security - Locks are seeking at the same time also to pay attention to the safety of its convenience, advanced nature and fashion, and many other elements, and smart compared to traditional mechanical locks, lock is in the user runs his sexual identification, security, more intelligent locks, thus intelligent lock development prospect is broad. Now more and more people choose smart lock what benefits actually? At 1, safety: usually community security environment, usually open door lock handle way cannot ensure satisfactory security performance, can easily from the drilling hole with steel rolling again outside the handle to open the door. Recently out of smart locks, with patent technique protection in indoor handle set button added safety handle, need to hold the safety door brilliant open hand button scroll handle, bring more secure applications. 2, security: intelligent lock scan method is very simple, put his fingers in the screening of top-down above the scan can, without the finger in the scanning, scanning way more cuts fingerprint residue, greatly reducing the possibility of a fingerprint is copied, exclusive to safety. 3, inventiveness, the traditional mechanical lock on it the appearance of the light, tasteful enough, but now smart locks from the appearance of planning is more suitable for consumer tastes. 4, convenience: intelligent lock the differences in the usual mechanical lock, with active electronic sensing system for certain, he will actively induction to the door in the closed state, the system will take the initiative to locked. If the application is the old man and the child, you can open it common voice prompt function, let the user operation more simple and easy to understand. Smart locks have different classification authorization management features, is locked in a microcomputer, the legitimacy of identifiable card and level, and make corresponding solution, can at any time concerning open condition, effectively improve the management function of door lock, to strengthen the secure, improve the degree of intelligent building.
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