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by:Level      2020-07-15
Intelligence is a 21st century hot word, whether life or work, we cannot leave the intelligence. Factory smart line, intelligent robot; Smart phones in one's life; Household life of the intelligent home appliance and so on. Intelligence has been everywhere around us. The emergence of intelligent products in any home or business, factory, has brought great convenience to people. In life can reflect more, using a mobile phone can turn on the TV, control curtains, acoustic system corridor lights, etc. In the smart product convenient our life at the same time, should be more intelligent products should reflect in the home guard against theft, until the emergence of fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock is a member of the intelligent life important; Fingerprint lock in life to help people solve a lot of common mechanical lock era, such as lost or forgot to take my keys. Because fingerprints on anti-theft function have sex so much better than the general mechanical lock anti-theft function, plus basic standard fingerprint lock is B level or C level lock core, is to let the thief is laid hands on him. Although now fingerprint lock compared with Europe and the United States, South Korea's market penetration is not high, but in the great wave of smart home, intelligent door lock is inevitable trend. Now traditional home appliance household brand and many start-ups are aimed at the fingerprint lock market, 3 - in the future Five years, China will become the main battlefield of intelligent lock industry.
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