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by:Level      2020-07-16
Locks, since ancient times is an important tool to guard the family property safety. With the development of science and technology, the advent of intelligent family lasts one thousand years of traditional mechanical door already cannot satisfy the increasing needs of the people, the smart door lock arises at the historic moment. Strangely, so far, with Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea smart locks on the lock market development, our country's intelligent locks in the civilian market accounted for only 3%, while the western developed countries smart locks on the lock market proportion reached more than 50%, compared with more than 70%, Japan and South Korea. Science and technology intelligence let's say goodbye to the days of out my wallet, but we have to take the key to go out, so what make don't need the key intelligent door locks are not yet common in our country from? First, the domestic intelligent door locks are not popular. Take a look at our side relatives and friends, very few people will decide to assembly smart door lock. We often complain about every time go out to find the key the room rummaged through bags home only to find that don't have the key, also often hear the dialogue: & other; Have you seen my keys? ” “ When did you arrive home? I forgot to bring my keys. ” Wasted a lot of time and energy, but also brings a bad mood. But we still decided to ignore, or might not have thought of using the intelligence of an abandoned key locks. Is this & other; Not familiar with & throughout; , let us ignore the existence of the intelligent door locks, reduces the penetration of smart door lock. Second, most people feel smart door lock is not safe. Many people impression of smart door lock is that users can and password or use fingerprint lock. If you make him a smart door lock assembly, an old dog will immediately enter into the state of enlightenment, they will feel password theft, fingerprints can be cloned. Yes, the past smart door lock is very easy to crack, but smart door lock has experienced years of skills development update, and don't have to worry about security has been complete. Take smart door locks, strengthen the function of phantom password, the user can optional input before and after or in the precise password without affecting the unlock interference figures, both to or prevent the friend beside of embarrassment, and can prevent being stolen depending on the risk of malicious people, even if they don't care, seen a few number will not be malicious misappropriation. And if the user tries to unlock with errors in the password more than 5 times, system will automatically lock. We often see in the movie a beautiful female spy after process kind boss or cloning of fingerprint to open the door lock, and smart door lock using the living fingerprint authentication skills, cloning of fingerprint cannot after process system of certification, no can be identified. In addition, smart door locks which can realize real-time monitoring, lock in user behavior, will send a message to the mobile phone shown above is who opened the door, so that users can or reflect on home anytime and anywhere, also can open a lock or mobile APP view at any time after a process record. The future Internet of things and Internet skills will be applied to all aspects of the smart home, intelligent family and intelligent city construction process is unstoppable. In the intelligent family life, smart door lock but not family property safety guarantee, is the first entrance of intelligent family, also is a kind of important smart family life experience. Home, as everyone living heart harbour, is people take physical to operation, will it make a smart and safe and warm shelter, start with buying a smart door lock.
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