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by:Level      2020-07-16
Fingerprint lock by electronic identification and control, general mechanical linkage system of two parts. Fingerprint resistance and determines the fingerprint lock is currently for safety lock locks of all kinds. Fingerprint lock in addition to the fingerprint identification, according to the provisions of the state, shall be added with emergency mechanical keys. At present, the fingerprint combination lock quality specifications to the law of the People's Republic of China on public security industry standards ( GA701 - 2007). 'As the main basis. Fingerprint combination lock performance: refuse boomed and recognize the false rate, not only is one of the important indicators, and ensure the lock anti-theft performance has been one of the parameters of fingerprint in the medical profession has proved that all of its features for each finger is different, and these characteristics have sex and sex, therefore, for the fingerprint lock, safety performance has certain security fingerprint can combination lock applicability is wide and is suitable for the standard security door and wooden door, and can lock security doors with heaven and earth system of automatic or semi-automatic, does not affect the performance of the existing security doors. The fingerprint lock that combination of performance, not only broke the original anti-theft lock all defects, to further increase the fingerprint lock anti-theft and safety performance, worthy of consumers trust and expansion of a new type of intelligent locks. This paper addresses: / Article/wsmszwmmms_1. html
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