Why smart door lock is free hand now?

by:Level      2020-07-14
Whatever intelligence door lock brands, many a hand type intelligent door locks are used the free hand, when purchasing a smart door locks, sales or promotions specialist personnel would like you to meet the function. So what's the free hand for? Also called safety handle free handle, suitable for holding the hand of intelligent door locks, with no to unlock certification, put his hand in a stress state, the handle can be turn down, but I can't drive the door lock device, unable to open the door. Using the free hand to smart door lock is a kind of protection. One is to prevent some people with ulterior motives, forced through the press put his hand to destroy the items within the door lock, achieve the purpose of the lock, free hand can well prevent this happen; Another is prolonging the life of the door lock, some children love to play may be forced down the handle, for a long time to lock the damage of the internal parts, at the same time reduce the flexibility of the handle, thereby reducing the life of intelligent door locks.
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