Why smart door lock is more and more popular

by:Level      2020-07-03
With the development of science and technology, intelligent household began to gradually into the lives of many families. Of more concern is the smart door locks, the safety and convenience far better than the traditional mechanical locks, had the very big change of life. Today's mechanical locks, for part of the thief thief, as long as it's not locked, a few seconds to open. Grade A, grade B lock for them, open technology is relatively simple, safety performance is low. To go out at the same time, also must wear the key, if the key is lost or forgotten, that have to pay for the lock, is to spend money, and trouble, also can't stop this happen the second and third class. Or, home nanny departure, cleaners substitution, relatives and friends to stay, etc. , all need to change the lock locks or need more mechanical keys. In a word, due to the key, can cause all sorts of trouble in life and problems. But since the installation of the fingerprint trick lock, the key is no longer a single refers to the mechanical keys, diversified open means and management, can solve most because of the key problems encountered in life. On safety performance at the same time, not only can effectively prevent technical opening, also have a variety of mechanisms on violence prevention open and alert. Smart door lock lets the home safer and make life convenient and comfortable, colorful!
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