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by:Level      2020-07-03
Compared to the traditional locks, smart door lock has the tremendous change, one of them is the smart locks in use process to electricity. May be you will find a lot of consumption, smart door locks are basically, with 5 batteries instead of li-ion battery or direct current. Many people would have such a question, why has always been with lithium batteries, cell phones and found a few years intelligent locks number 5 dry cell is still in use? Advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries: lithium ion battery has a large energy density, high average output voltage. Uniformity, good batteries, under 2% a month ( Recoverable) 。 No memory effect. For - wide working temperature range 20℃~60℃。 Loop performance is superior, can fast charge and discharge, charging efficiency is as high as, and the output power. Long service life. Does not contain toxic and harmful substances, known as the green cells. Disadvantage: the lithium battery will have the possibility of explosion, news about the cell phone lithium battery explosion we have become common; Poor universality, the market above the specifications and types of lithium-ion batteries are not the same, and to make smart door lock manufacturers are in the same type of lithium battery this impossible. Lithium battery charging problem is also very obvious. Lithium battery can be recharged, then certainly will want to consider the problem of charging. Power supply in power supply connection lock very troublesome, and the risk of leakage. Well as equipped with corresponding charger, seat charger lost one thousand broken couldn't find a place to buy one. V battery the advantages and disadvantages of advantages: safety is above, v battery not exploded, will only in the use of time is too long or improper operation will occur under the condition of leakage. And v battery generality a lot larger than lithium batteries, the ubiquitous convenience stores will have 5 battery to buy. Someone will be careful to use after the 5th battery away can cause environmental pollution, actually general we would recommend using 5 alkaline batteries, because there is no mercury, alkaline batteries inside can as living garbage shall be discarded. By comparing the above all sorts of, so smart door locks are basically using 5 alkaline batteries.
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