Why smart door locks, fingerprint identification is the standard?

by:Level      2020-07-03
Fingerprint recognition is developed based on biometrics, and verification of market for many years of development and experience, is now relatively mature biological recognition technology, is widely used in many parts of mobile phones, smart door locks, etc. So, in intelligent door locks, fingerprint identification what are the advantages? 1. Practicability: intelligent door locks in collection and identification of fingerprints, simple, convenient and practical. Just finger gently press can complete fingerprint identification, to complete the lock operation. 2. Fingerprint identification technology is relatively mature, mature technology, is widely applied to society in many aspects, such as mobile phone, smart locks, such as Banks, use the more common. 3. Low cost: at present because of mature technology, the cost of fingerprint identification has been cheaper. So in the standard of intelligent door lock, fingerprint identification is one of, but also can reflect its technological. 4. High safety: at present, the common use of semiconductor fingerprint identification, technology already quite mature, can effectively prevent false fingerprints, etc. , through the study of chip function, can also continuously upgrade and improvement of the fingerprint identification of a higher sensitivity.
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