Why the domestic electronic lock are equipped with key?

by:Level      2020-08-07
Who lives a lot of attention to detail will be found that imports of electronic lock is no keyhole, the vast majority of domestic is a mechanical keys, a lot of people would think so: domestic electronic lock need to be equipped with keyhole, that's because our technology is not mature? 吗? Actually otherwise, electronic lock in the field of security technology to guard against, with security alarm function of electronic combination lock to replace the traditional mechanical combination lock, overcoming the mechanical combination lock password quantity is little, the shortcomings of poor safety performance, make the combination lock both in technology and step in performance are improved greatly. Electronic locks is electronic combination lock, is a password or to control circuit ( Access control system) To control the closing of the mechanical switch, lock, lock task of electronic products. It's a lot of more phyletic, has simple circuit products, also has a high cost performance products based on the chip. Widely used on electronic combination lock is now chip as the core, through the programming. Because electronic lock should match the emergency mechanical keys. Electronic lock for nature is always electronics, then who dare say that the electronic products 10, 20 years is sure there is no problem? No! Any electronic parts have the possibility of error, relative mechanical parts are much more stable, as home standby reserves the mechanical lock key to open the door, can be in door lock electronic part of the problem in a timely manner to open the door and convenient maintenance. Imagine if there was a fire in the home, or the thief was damaged due to not pry open the lock your door electronic parts of what would you do? Don't covet the so-called psychological security, and posterior regardless of buy, chose the no mechanical key lock. Use electronic locks, actually the most important thing is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of electronic lock, need to strengthen the security of the electronic lock, can let the electronic lock is connected to the intelligent alarm system. Emergency mechanical electronic lock shall be key. Public security industry standards & lt; Electronic anti-theft lock & gt; ( GA374- 2001). & lt; Fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions & gt; ( GA701 - 2007). There are electronic lock need to matching the requirements of mechanical keys. So don't think that the domestic electronic lock is equipped with mechanical keyhole and keys, is the performance of the technology is not mature, it is because of personal family property safety more considerate.
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