Why the most intelligent locks dry cell is used?

by:Level      2020-07-16
For now, most of the hand of semi-automatic smart locks are alkaline number 5 dry cell as a power source, and even some battery manufacturers to rub the heat of the intelligent door locks, launched a special v battery smart door lock. Why most semi-automatic smart door lock is 5 alkaline batteries rather than economic, energy saving, environmental protection and recycled lithium battery? Although the various advantages of lithium-ion batteries conforms to the concept of modern society, energy conservation, environmental protection, but in the power supply in form of intelligent door locks, not very good advantage. 1. Lithium battery to buy more complex, and dry cell in various place such as a grocery store, grocery stories can be found, more convenient. 2. Lithium battery, you need to recharge, recharged directly on smart door lock is not practical, prone to leakage happens, such as if it is to buy the charger, you should first have a spare lithium batteries of the same brand, and then have the same brand of lithium battery charger. For most people, when buying these things more difficult. 3. Security issues, will be an explosion of lithium-ion batteries. Without the proper use and storage of lithium battery, lithium battery explosion will affect the safety of home. On fire at the same time, if you meet fire, etc. , lithium battery in high temperature explosion possibility is very large, bring bigger trouble to the rescue.
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