Why use for smart door lock one or a few?

by:Level      2020-07-16
Currently, smart door locks in the domestic penetration rate is still low, although consumers interested in intelligent door locks, but the real purchase using one or a few. Why, the reason has a few points: 1. Quality problems due to the chaos in the market, and in domestic haven't mandatory requirement, many intelligence door lock brand small manufacturer sell inferior intelligence door lock, and no after-sale protection, with many smart door lock is bad news on the Internet, including the quality and after-sale problems, safety, etc. , caused many people interested but can't buy. 2. Price factor only look from the wraps, smart door lock is uneven, the price of low hundred, expensive, even thousands, let many people off. The price of most smart door lock is stable between one thousand and three thousand, is already can let many people can accept the price, the high cost performance products, but buying is also need to choose a famous brand, the brand is the guarantee. 3. Needs some people to buy smart door lock, a big factor because home lock was broken, need to change, and in part because interested in smart door locks, or is its functional requirements to meet daily habits such as amnesia. They are all have a purpose of demand, and some people are want to buy used, but home mechanical lock use good, and no other rigid demand, to change, after all, the service life of a lock in at least ten years or so.
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