Why your smart door lock is not like other people's house and durable?

by:Level      2020-07-16
With the popularity of intelligent door locks, more and more people begin to use the smart door locks, but others will find that the same brand of the same model, life is not the same. What reason? Actually besides quality problem, affecting factor is the daily habits and maintenance status. 1. Close the door when a lot of people, is a hard, time is long, will affect the performance of the intelligent door locks reduce its life. Rotating handle and let the lock tongue indentation to let go. 2. When he found the battery low remind of the intelligent door locks, need to replace the battery in time, at the same time, cannot be used with the old and new batteries. Meet the rainy season, back to south day, or to be on a business trip for a long time, need to replace the new battery in advance, prevent damage of battery leakage circuit board. 3. Fingerprint acquisition window or damp is stained with dirt, with dry soft cloth to wipe gently, prevent scratching acquisition window effect fingerprint identification performance. 4. Regular inspection, such as whether the fastening screw loose, but not a professional cannot be removed, internal circuit boards and wire, easy to damage. 5. Do not come in contact with the material of corrosive, will damage the performance of the intelligent door locks, oxidation panel at the same time, influence the beautiful sex. Smart door locks, whether it's reputation, quality and cost performance, are good. Door lock is the first line of defense, home is the home of the security, so daily habits and maintenance for the smart door lock is quite important also.
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