Wisdom hotel rooms - control system of four functional mode Hotel rooms intelligent

by:Level      2020-08-06

wisdom hotel room control system professionals called 'one-stop solution' hotel intellectualization, it can be set up for each functional partition intelligent, according to different partition resizing operation plan, need to make it more adapt to the guest's activities and hotel management needs, the maximum efficiency, here small make up for your guest room control system is introduced in this paper which product is good and the control system of four functional mode.

1, the unattended mode

low normal rooms at no one model for rent when unoccupied, RCU at this point in a power saving running state;

low RCU at this point in a power saving running state;

low room air conditioners running on unmanned mode, the remote control room control system;

low room inside toilet fan exhaust air regularly, maintain indoor air fresh.

2, check mode,

'can be in the hotel front desk through the guest room control system software to check the running status of equipment rooms to rent out normal room to the guest;

'the guests at the front desk with the check-in formalities, electronic door lock card, room into have rent check mode;

low air conditioning will automatically switch to open building model by model, under the mode of open building, room will automatically be set to comfort air conditioning temperature control system, make the room has reached a comfortable when guests enter. 3,

where guests welcome model room control system - — Guest card to open door lock;

low automatic open corridor lamp and 30 seconds delay closed;

will open the door card into power saving switch, saving electricity switch intelligent identification, only legitimate card can take electricity, the lights into welcome mode.

4, normal mode

where guests can through low voltage switch panel to control lights, television, curtains, etc;

low air conditioning into local operating mode, guests can operate the thermostat according to their own needs to control the room temperature; On the software side can be real-time query operation room air conditioning, such as the actual temperature and set temperature, wind speed, etc. ;

low room control system can also be the guest room 'please clean up', 'do not disturb', 'please wait', the 'SOS' and 'check-out' services such as information, real-time transmission to the outside display, floor management software interface.

the above four kinds of function modes can be completely flexible adjustment according to actual needs of the hotel, to make it meet the hotel's daily work, small make up through the understanding of this kind of system development company after the interview, it is to improve the efficiency of the multiple places to reduce the cost, from the point of the tenant, their satisfaction rate significantly increased. Is expected in the next two years, are professional guest room control system will continue to increase.

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