With 'af semiconductor recognition fingerprint lock products brought a number of innovations

by:Level      2020-07-30
- - - - - - - - - - - - Smart new lock module innovation patent technology introduction, solve the pain points, convenient human! 'Family always attaches great importance to burglar, long before, I've always wanted to change door lock in the home to the fingerprint lock, a 3000 yuan of fingerprint lock, Mr Li has recently become citizens not lock. 'Yesterday, Mr Li told reporters. Door lock problems at home, the family contact local agent to solve, because the city traffic, the distance too far, and spare parts, door lock can't repair in the first good, this has seriously affected the normal access door of the family. Fingerprint lock users concern but helpless behind the problem of market prosperity, and the fingerprint lock industry rapid development cannot match, even if the fingerprint lock rapid development in China, but across the country, with fast little maintenance of fingerprint lock brands, fingerprint lock after-sales maintenance problems often being criticized. Reporter understands fingerprint lock manufacturers, sales and after-sales mode generally implement regional agent system, its product after-sales work to a local agency in charge of, some dealers in the process of selling products, generally by the hardware store or mechanical lock store to sales, does not have its own brand stores, more professional after-sales personnel, and the fingerprint lock installation and maintenance of the related professional knowledge would have to be a senior teacher, because of cost savings, without their own professional after-sales personnel, only temporary hired some lock master, but the master of fingerprint lock products do not understand, cannot one-time solve the problem of the user. Users can only contact local agent sent staff to solve the door, after-sales maintenance point difficult to find, high maintenance cost, network collect fees in disorder, spare parts difficult to find, and so on and so forth are to after-sales maintenance becomes a place adorn, has become a part of the problem of fingerprint lock users concern but helpless, this is the industry's pain points. Push real convenience human intelligence door lock to the problem of these feel helpless to launch with a 918 - 'af semiconductor recognition' New concept series, 918-88 80 brought a number of innovative glory fingerprint lock series products, one-time let us solve enough, its unique patented technology innovation module, highlight the function of the 'quick, quick fix' significance level is the epic feature technology, the perfect solution to the user in the process of using smart door lock products out of the problems that cannot be used, or can not get timely maintenance trouble, users don't have to worry about locks for electronic module fault and can't be used normally, you just need to turn the key to open to take out the electronic control module, the door still can be used normally open, do not affect a family access subscribers; Electric control part of the module can directly express mail service center repair, maintenance good electronic control module to send back, after installation of consumers, fingerprint lock is completely the same. This 'worry-free use + easy fault + worry-free after-sale' product model, eliminate and solved the trouble back at home of consumer, this kind of traditional, meet the consumer demand innovative technology, is a real convenience human intelligence door lock products. 918 - Series 918-88 new concept Series 80 glory fingerprint lock domestic fingerprint lock manufacturing and test base of group, adhering to the modern idea of fingerprint lock enterprise operation management rapid rise in the market, solve the pain points, convenient human! Contributing to the users convenient life, more to the development of the industry leading the leading role, 'innovation' is not shout a slogan, but a real along the road of innovation, the future will be standing under the innovation boom for those routes, humanized concept with cutting-edge technology, drive the industry vigorous development.
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