With smart lock leads the boom of the feminist movement in the history

by:Level      2020-07-12
Come morning, circle of friends is a wide variety of 38 section promotions to brush the screen, can let a person feel all the goods and the women together. Major shopping website is came out, a few days in advance is replaced the banner of the website. In the season of flowers in full bloom, Spring Festival is the most representative of what? Of course is 3. 8 female lady! 你是女王! ! Now with a 'buy buy' the joy of the atmosphere is different, the colour of the birth of 38 women's days full of fight. 38 women's festival be called on the international working women's day, is the women to fight for equality, development of all countries and established as a holiday. Where there is oppression, there is a struggle, why ask to equality between men and women? Because of gender discrimination is still widely exist in many aspects of life. Single family from this perspective, women pay a lot more than men. Even in the city now, in most families, women do housework work much more often than men. Today, we should thank science and technology progress and economic development. Household appliances for liberating women from the multifarious housework, put into the original laundry cooking time in cleaning the house, used to love partner, care for children, take care of yourself. However traditional electrical appliances have been more and more difficult to meet the needs of everyone, we hope your life more comfortable, more convenient, more fun, we hope that the room can be automatically take a breath, we hope to clap your hands, sweeping robot can clean the house, we hope that we can open locks by fingerprint recognition, and carrying a large bag every time something in front of the door to find the key. Active contract housework, let the women's liberation day, Buy buy buy her, but don't send these 'thought a lot of gifts, to send to send' smart lock 'let her from the key, don't have to worry about lost the key. Intelligent lock in the open means than traditional locks are more diversified, support biometric fingerprint, password, remote in a variety of ways, such as IC CARDS, mobile phone APP can open it. We believe that the emergence of intelligent door locks will be the broad masses of compatriots love. Know that in 20 years ago? Bought a machine which neighbors heard that take lampblack chance, we may be groups to visit, and laughed at his impulses, which now, who do not have these necessary electric appliances, we felt sorry for the hostess. Smart locks, became her husband loving family gift, give the family a rest assured! Because no longer lost keys and distress, easily is the escort in the home, Single goddess also want to know a more caring, give yourself a good life experience) 。 Until then, take action, the AD will say this: care for women, since a smart door lock home to her.
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