With the rise of guard against theft, and form a complete set of locks also sell like hot cakes | |

by:Level      2020-07-17
As ZhiSuoYe from developed countries to developing countries such as transfer in our country, our country ZhiSuoYe structure began to change, from the developed of large and medium sized cities to medium and small cities and towns, and highly concentrated. Locks in the production of the five bases of production capacity of more than 92% of the total lock production. It is in accordance with the law of development ZhiSuoYe. As a result, also for our old lock base points the way: that is should follow the foreign experience, a shift in strategy, giving full play to the advantages of old factory and technology, to open up the high technology, high value-added, high grade product of heaven and earth, a new leader. Lock industry a lot of new enterprises, production increase, sales are increasing, the market is prosperous the locks. Look from the five bases, benefit good is guangdong, zhejiang, is poor in the Shanghai area, some big losses or on the edge of the losses. Locks products from production is roughly divided into: hot hand gentle spherical door lock production mainly concentrated in guangdong, zhejiang; Padlock production mainly concentrated in zhejiang, and shandong; Insert core locks production mainly concentrated in jiangsu, Shanghai; Ordinary lock production mainly concentrated in shandong and guangdong. Look from the class, high-grade lock is given priority to with spherical door lock. On the price of the spherical door lock from points can be roughly divided into three levels, namely, high-grade, middle-grade and low-grade. Mid-range ball lock, because the technology is not too complex, investment of equipment is not much, so the manufacturer of the product is more, the grade of the product's type and variety, the highest in the domestic sales. Another more selling product is anti-theft door lock. With the development of security doors, and form a complete set of locks are also popular.
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