With trick lock, the fingerprint cannot meet fingerprint identification?

by:Level      2020-06-30
When using fingerprint combination lock, fingerprint identification may be not the case, don't panic, determine the cause of the problem, according to the concrete situation at the same time can change the other way to open the door. If it is encountered this kind of situation, in the winter can on the fingers, keep the fingers moist, again for identification; If it is summer, it is necessary to dry hands sweat, stains, etc. , to identify; Or finger injury and other reasons, can replace the other finger recognition, namely the fingerprint registration, need to put the right hand finger fingerprint were recorded in, in case of one thousand. If it is a fingerprint combination lock itself problems, such as, identify the area is dirty, have besmirch, can use a dry soft cloth to wipe, and then to fingerprint identification; If it is a fingerprint head has been damaged, can call after-sales personnel for repair or replacement, if not a professional, remember not to remove, so as not to damage the internal wiring.
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