Worry about smart door lock electronic part not safe?

by:Level      2020-07-30
Nowadays most home users are using mechanical lock, fear is replaced smart door locks, once broken, the electronic products in small places, people find a useless, then into the door, but more of a problem. Concerns about 1: smart door lock is very easy to bad, right? Broken all won't be looking for repairing intelligent lock master! Use problem, Ann is not safe, after-sales problem; Such as & other; Broken dozen don't open the door? Products throughout broken & one thousand home was stolen; For the user to worry about points, under normal circumstances, nowadays most smart door lock, adopt advanced clutch panel material is made of stainless steel or alloy material 3 Australia, drill a touch screen, sensitive, and leave no finger mark, not easy to wear and tear, strictly control of raw materials, never use the reworked material, or other potential quality materials, guarantee the finished card durability. Patent technology innovation module, without having to worry about locks for electronic module fault and can't be used normally, you just need to turn the key to open to take out the electronic control module, 5 seconds can be put on. Therefore, users don't have to worry about electronic parts is easy to damage is found using smart door locks, smart door lock fault is becoming more and more low, now is becoming more and more convenient maintenance and intelligent, later will gradually achieve their common problems can solve a lock. Can concern 2: smart door lock security? Locks a protective wall at home. Now picking good thief dozens of seconds can be easily open mechanical lock, the vast majority of cases proved that mechanical lock anti-theft security is poorer, basic decoration. And smart locks biological living fingerprint identification technology, phantom password to peep, pry alarm lock anti-theft automatic alarm, and other functions, prevent stress, which will make the safety hidden danger of fully open greatly reduced. Deep live biometric fingerprint identification technology, fingerprint texture recognition, fingerprint must be used with body temperature to have sex, others can't copy. Use any tools to collect residual fingerprints or use real chop off his fingers, can't open the door. Smart door lock is widely used now, fingerprint identification technology is quite mature, the user can be at ease use. Concerns about 4: no electricity can't open? Long time no one in the home, a dead battery? A group of four batteries, can normal use more than one year. Power low, the lock will prompt alarm one month in advance, replace the battery in time. If there were no electricity, can use the emergency key to open the door, can also go to the supermarket to buy square section 9 v battery or cell phone charging treasure, received intelligence door lock, temporary open the door. Smart door lock is not only a simple lock, but also the housekeeper of the modern intelligent household life. It has a strong appearance, strong internal & other Core & throughout; And intelligent brain, guarded the house owner, and become the new generation & other Goalkeeper & throughout; , smart door lock products now is different from other mature products, building materials industry market is still in the early growth period, for consumers to know the performance of the smart door lock products and bring convenience, will lift consumers' concerns.
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