Wrong understanding fingerprint combination lock

by:Level      2020-07-10
Today, the fingerprint combination lock has into many families also have a lot of people in heart, watching, but haven't found a buying opportunity. Before buying the fingerprint combination lock, there are many to understand, if you understand is wrong, can cause damage or fingerprint door combination lock is not quality problem. 1. Thought the door of the house can be installed. Many people buy a lock not to communicate with customer service, see friends and relatives, installed the fingerprint trick lock, the oneself also want to install bought, did not go to and customer service can confirm their door installation, 2. Size problem. Generally buy trick lock, the fingerprint has to confirm the material of holding and customer service, thickness and so on many data, ensure the delivery of fingerprint combination lock and its accessories applicable to the door of the corresponding thickness. 3. In the lock. Many people want to replace mechanical lock with fingerprint trick lock, the thought that you just can buy a fingerprint combination lock put on. Actually not so, change the old door lock, get a new lock can not only, also consider the old and new lock lock lock lock is available, and the trace of the new lock need to cover the old lock, will not affect the overall appearance.
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