You need to install the fingerprint combination lock six big reasons!

by:Level      2020-08-05
In recent years, intelligent lock is popular with most customers, but there are some consumers still wait, or on the use of old lock in the home, some families make a thief 'become' loss of property and even deadly. The country each year for burglary losses, according to the super trillions according to the Ministry of Public Security in our country every year due to burglary family losses as high as 1. 13 trillion yuan, 3. 500 million households, family property safety could not be fully ensure the individuals, families, social security become the most urgent need to solve problems. Why is our country the prohibition burglary? Mainly because of China more than 50% of the family is still in use grade A lock, and the ability to open the lock and technology, and violence prevention is very weak, only A few seconds can easily open the criminals. In addition, the police analysis, points out that old village, village rental, monomer building mostly use grade A lock, and thus became A burglary case tops the list of locations, accounted for about 90% of A burglary case. And more than 70% of the cases are a burglary 'home visit' by way of picking, the lock. Thus, a high incidence of burglary mainly lies in the lock security there is a huge hidden trouble. Consequently, the installation of a safety lock is very necessary. Be on the safe side, it is necessary to lock smart burglary cases, mainly lock security hidden danger; And climb window in brewing tragedy, the main reason is that forgot to take my keys. So, to install a safety and do not need to take the key lock is the best choice, and this kind of lock must belong to the intelligent lock. Intelligent security than traditional locks lock. Intelligent lock is a traditional mechanical locks and electronic, Internet of things, biometrics, the combination of the emerging technologies, such as the Internet. Ordinary residential accommodation environment, are generally the gate, the unit gate entrance guard, peripheral set up cameras, and security from time to time, in the patrol inside the village under such 'layers of protection', seem to get enough security, so it is necessary for us to our own security doors installed smart door lock? Before you consider this problem, small make up take you to think about it, their mechanical lock anti-theft really? Can absolutely puzzled 'professional and technical unlock trained' the thief? 吗? 吗? Or whether we'll recall often appear the following scenario: 1, go out to forget to bring my keys, came home to find the lock the teacher for help, might therefore damage door. 2, keys, there is no spare key, can only change the locks. 3, the key is missing, doubt key in the door forget to pull down, always worrying about when the thief patronage. 4, there are old people often forget to close the door, children in the house is too small, could not careful will run out in the danger of the stairs takes place. 5, community residents were thieves steal. 6, a temporary go out with no key on a garbage, the wind blows to close the door. 。 。 。 。 。 。 If you had more than a similar scenario, the small make up recommend, when are you considering installing intelligent door locks, because smart door lock design concept is human nature, give priority to with people, can help you save those who worry about trifles.
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