You still don't know how to maintain the smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-20
Now more and more people begin to install using smart door locks, but due to some understanding of the smart door lock is not much, also won't how to maintenance, the following smart door lock manufacturers to teach you how to maintain smart door lock. 1. Wipe the panel and the fingerprint area, do not use corrosive substances such as alcohol exposure, need clean, usable dry soft cloth to wipe. 2. Regularly use keys for insertion and unlock operation, in case of not smooth, can use a small amount of graphite powder or pencil, ensure smooth. Do not use lubricating oil and so on, caused by solidification easily blocked. 3. Handles are hanging items, suspension items for a long time after affects the flexibility of the handle. 4, the use of regular alkaline batteries, at the same time, the power is too low to remind, the need to replace the battery, be sure to keep in mind, the old and new batteries do not mix. 5. Avoid professional disassembly operations. Smart door lock is with electric circuit, if not professional disassembly, easy to cause damage to parts. If you need to repair, can contact after-sale service, or a professional installation personnel.
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