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Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home

Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home

Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home

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15-30 days
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Foshan, China
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Product Details
To better learn about hotel electronic lock, Level Intelligent Lock will provide detailed pictures and detailed information in the following section for your reference.Our products are produced in accordance with . All materials used in the products are well selected and purchased from our reliable partners, which guarantees the competitive price and stable performance.Level Intelligent Lock has the ability to meet different needs. hotel electronic lock is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Enterprise Strength
  • Excellent staff is the core part of a company. Nowadays, we have people staffed in several departments including design, R&D with excellent technicians and senior experts in the hardware industry, production, and after-sales department.
  • Level Intelligent Lock has sales service centers in multiple cities in the country. This enables us to promptly and efficiently provide consumers with quality products and services.
  • Level Intelligent Lock is always customer-oriented and devoted to offering the best products and service for each customer in an efficient manner.
  • Since established, we have spent years of efforts in the development and production of the hardware. So far, we have mature craftsmanship and experienced workers to help us achieve a highly efficient and reliable business cycle
  • Our global manufacturing and sales network have spread to and other overseas countries. Inspired by the high marks by the customers, we are expected to expand our sales channels and provide more considerate service.
Company Advantages
1. During the production, the quality of Level code door lock is strictly scrutinized in terms of cutting, stamping, welding, polishing, surface treatment, and drying.
2. The product features an easy operation. It has a relatively simple operating system combining a powerful processing flow and provides simple operation instruction.
3. The product is widely praised by users for its good characteristics and has high market application potential.

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Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home-2

   ◆  Product Characteristics

Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home-3

  • 【Three ways to open:】Touch keypad / RFID Card / mechanical key

  • 【Material:】Plexiglass + Zinc Alloy

  • 【Finishing:】CR, RG

  • 【Workable mortise:】SS M001, SS M003

   ◆  Product Parameter

Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home-4

Power supply

DC 4.5~6.5V 4pieces of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

 Static power waste


 Dynamic power waste


Store temperature


Store Humidity

10~98% RH

Working temperature


Working Humidity

15~85% RH

Working frequency

13.56MHz(MF 1)

Card capacity

200 cards


2 groups

Reaction time


Battery lifetime

about 1 year

Applied to

wooden or metal door of 35~65mm door thickness.

Low Voltage Warming

Another 50 times opening since the first low-power warming given out by the lock.

   ◆  Selling point

    With door bell function.


    Three ways to open: Touch keypad, RFID card, mechanical key.


    With OLED screen to display English menus, follow the menu to operate the lock step by step easily.


    Stand alone lock, each lock could register 200pcs user cards and 2 codes.


    Maximal 30 digits can be input for protecting the correct code unexposed.


    Can set Passage Mode (normal opening state) for special cases.


    External emergency jack design, convenient for emergency measure when power is cut.


    One card solution, the same card for lock, car parking, elevator, building entrance, time attendance, consumption system, staff management system etc.


    Can store the latest 1000pcs unlocking records (including mechanical key and inside open) and read them in OLED screen. 


    Using US or EU standard 5-latch mortise with stainless steel Latches, safe and reliable.


    Low power waste, the static current can be ignored. The lock can be used for more than 1 year normally with 4pcs AA Alkaline(LR6) batteries.


    Alarm function: alarm works for improperly door closing, low battery voltage, or someone pastes the latches purposely.


    Wide application range: can be installed on wooden or metal door whose thickness >= 38 mm (US standard), >= 35 mm (EU standard).

   ◆  Residential Lock Mortise

Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home-5


(70mm mortise)
standard: zinc alloy latches
optional: stainless steel latches
Level keypad electronic door locks for homes on sale for home-6


(60mm mortise)
standard:stainless steel latches

Company Features
1. Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. is a growing and active producer of code door lock .
2. Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. applies high technology to produce high quality electronic door locks for homes.
3. The ultimate ambition of Level is to have a great influence on the touch keypad lock industry. Inquire now! Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. hopes to bring greatest value to customers with our intelligent lock . Inquire now!
This lock has been well-engineered. Judging by the weight alone, the unit is a battleship, yet looks like Park Avenue. The stainless is of high quality, and was well packed, delivered without a scratch. The instructions are well written, unlike so many overseas security products, today. The lock has a good solid 'feel' to it; ergonomically designed to fit your hand with ease. Unlike ordinary door locks, which, when an attempt is made to force the unit to turn, apply pressure on the mechanism. This unit is free-rotating with spring return to the noon position. In other words, the knob is normally centered at noon; yet one can rotate the knob to ten or two. When the correct code is entered, however, a pin momentarily slips into place allowing the knob to rotate the inner locking mechanism. Three seconds later, the unit is free-rotating again. If one becomes familiarized with this product, installation and programming should take no longer than an hour at most. Impressive engineering. I'm sold.
Well we did not take out of box but other 2 products did not work easy refund
Excellent product and works well. The error was mine as the instructions were not as well written with pictorials.
Working great! Exactly what I wanted.
Great product, that was easy to install.
Nice knob
This is the 5th Schlage combination lock I have purchased and installed. They are in all my exterior doors. The battery usually lasts a couple of years and is easy to change out. I bought the original one 6 years ago to avoid having my 8 year old carry keys and it still works perfectly. Clearly written instructions make it a breeze to install in the existing knob and deadbolt holes and setting a combination is super easy. I have used the existing door jam hardware in the past when I was a bit too lazy and didn't want to chisel or drill out a deeper hole for the deadbolt but that is a mistake as a well placed kick could pop the old hardware and the 3/4" screws holding it to the jam. I have seen this happen. Do yourself a favor and install the heavy duty reinforcement strike with the 3 inch screws to give this lock or any other kind of lock as much strength as possible. These locks are great and worth the money.
Received this today and installed it on a bedroom closet! We have a need to keep some things away from the kids (meds, valuables, home defense items) and this certainly does the job that I need it to. I do realize that this lock is designed for an outside door and that my closet door would put up much of a fight should an intruder choose to steal my stuff, but remember, that is not why I installed it. In NO WAY do I endorse this lock, or my chosen method of installation, as a substitution for any kind of professional safe to secure firearms or valuables. Now with that little disclaimer out of the way, on to the cool stuff for those that want to use this lock for a similar purpose that I have. The deadbolt can retract to different lengths! Yes, that means that if you have a bedroom closet with a shallow receiver, no need to hollow that sucker out further (unless you choose to do so). So once you activate the lock and turn the deadbolt as far as it will go....there it will stay until retracted! Genius! Also, I was able to cannibalize some of the parts that came with the new lock to add a new receiver and secure it with some pretty hefty 6" nails. That will add a minimum of 20 seconds on to any intruders attempt to break into my closet! :) The hardware itself is of high quality and I chose the polished brass because I needed it to match the rest of my house (yuck, I know). Installation took me about 30 mins, which included removal of the standard door knob. One other cool feature is that you can disable the beep function, so if you choose to keep any self-defense items in there, your intruder will not be alerted to your presence. also the keypad is lighted, so it is easy to see in the dark once activated. I am probably going to add some of these stick on motion sensing LED lights, so that the closet lights up when I open the door http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011R1FIPW?colid=2FMK0JSO61MME&coliid=I17C1MKP4KU99Q&psc=1&ref_=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl Anyhew, didn't see a lot of reviews around what I was looking to use this for, so thought I would pass along my comments.
I have now purchased my second of these Schlage locks, and I really enjoy how easy they are to install, how stylish they look, and how easy they are to reprogram. I also enjoy that I don't have to give my houseguests or petsitters a physical key! This saves me from any headaches of having to rekey the entire residence if a key is lost. I also was able to get the barrel of the second lock rekeyed at a locksmith, so now the back-up keys match. These locks are really easy to install if you can read instructions and you have any experience with a Phillips screwdriver. The newest one took less than 10 minutes to install and reprogram, and there isn't any drilling that has to be done if you have a standard opening. These locks have saved me so many headaches, they are great for short or long term renters, pet sitters, cleaning crews, and house sitters to gain access to a code you can change if your circumstances change! The only brief issue was one day the temperature dipped well below zero degrees Farenheight, and the keypad didn't want to work. That one one failure in 2.5 years, and the person just had to go to the other door. I don't fault the unit, and might try to insualte the lock as others have mentioned. You can't go wrong with this lock!
I originally was looking to buy a bluetooth enabled smartlock, but unfortunately the technology just isn't there (buggy, high cost, doesn't work reliabilty). This is a good hybrid solution between low tech and convenience. I easily replaced my old deadbolt with this one in 10 minutes, setup the code and was done. The kids love being able to get into the house without having to ring the bell and wait for someone to answer the door. The best part is that since our our cars are keyless entry, we can unlock and lock the door without having to rummage around our pockets/purse for the keys. I like the approach Schlage took in that the battery only unlocks the shaft, but you have to physically turn it to open/close. This saves a lot of battery which is why it's rated to last 3 years. I have been using it for about 2-3 months now and no issues. I should have bought one of these years ago.
The price is reasonable and the quality seem pretty decent - like it will hold up to a few years of regular use. I have this installed on a door that will see above average use, so I'm interested in seeing how it holds up. One consideration I had when purchasing was whether I could light the keypad up to see the buttons. This lights up nice and bright and is very easy to see in the dark. My second consideration was the color scheme. This matches the rest of the locks/knobs in the house. Lastly, the price was the selling point. I wanted a smart lock but didn't want to pay the high price for a lock that might get really beaten up in the coming years and not last anyway. In the end this was a great purchase!
Bought this for my mother as a gift following the death of her husband. She does not need to carry a lot of keys and she can use it with little fuss.when dad passed things kept showing up missing around my parents home. Mom had no idea who had keys to get Into her house, or how to find them. With this unit we can rest assure only those family members who check on mom needed the pass code. The family members who think it is ok to steal from a grieving widow will no longer b able to. If something happens to my mom I can get into the house to help her and I can give the code to ambulance to get in b4 I get there. The code can b reprogrammed so if you gave it out and dont want someone knowing it again you change it. It works well when you go on vacation, your kids can get into the house to check on it without carrying a key.
This lock is a major game changer. My wife and I both frequently leave the house by means other than a car so quite a bit of key shuffling often resulted in one of us having to leave a key under the mat or leaving etc. This was extremely easy to instal and program! I did it in about 30 minuets one night. The hole in our door for the deadbolt was rather close to the actual door frame so I was very worried it wouldn’t fit however it just barely worked and I couldn’t be happier. The space they recommend for between the deadbolt and door frame is a bit generous and if you have less room than that you should still be able to make it work. I set a reminder in my phone to change the battery in a year. We haven’t had a single issue with it and the ease of having a keyless entry is amazing. It’s very secure and refusing to budge at all when locked. It’s much sturdier than our previous deadbolt.
Loved the lock features and it worked well for a couple of years. Battery would last at least a year. Installed 2 of these locks in 2015. After a couple of years one of them began malfunctioning. The code would be entered correctly to unlock and then the knob was twisted and would just spin and not open the deadbolt. Battery tested low but there was no battery warning. Finally one of the units batteries would only last 1 month (fresh new 9V duracell alkaline) then exhibit same symptoms. Others reviewers have written about similar failures.
Adding this Schlage lock to our front door was a good decision. Schlage has a reputation for making solid locks and this model does not disappoint. Good length for the deadbolt means that it engages solidly with the jamb and provides proper protection against kicking and prying. The internal works move smoothly, installation was a breeze, and the directions were clear and concise. (Anyone with moderate knowledge on small DIY projects should be able to install this lock in less than 30 minutes or so.)
I was totally happy with the lock, until I hosed down the front door area. Water got in, the lock would not work unless I used the key. It dried out, I can use the push buttons again. My front door is shielded from the rain so it's not a major concern. Still satisfied with the lock. I had a Brinks lock before, it was good until the motor that moves the bolt back and forth went. This lock is not motorized.
Fácil de instalar, fácil de usar, fácil de programar. Me gusta mucho mi nueva cerradura de seguridad. No tengo que traer las llaves para poder abrirla, simplemente uso mi código ya programado y así de fácil puedo abrir la puerta de mi casa. La recomiendo para lugares donde viven varias personas, solo basta con programar un código para cada usuario.
We'd had these locks in a house we had rented before buying our house. I loved it then, being able to get in and out without digging for keys. This has become especially apparent when we had our daughter. Since my wife's car doesn't require a key in the ignition, having to dig through her purse for a key while balancing a baby, diaper bag, etc, would be a huge hassle. This makes it quick and easy to get in. Plus we can add codes for friends & family so that when we're out of town no key is needed to be left outside. The setup isn't that difficult if you are good with a screwdriver and take a little time. The directions are concise and on point with illustrations. I will always have at least one of these deadbolts on any house we own.
Its a top quality heavy lock. The only issue was I had to make the holes a bit bigger. So the install took a bit longer than normal. But after the install it worked flawlessly. I would recommend you change your programming code to one you can easily remember and use. If not it get tiring to look up that code each time you want to change something.
Easy to install, used existing Schlage latch assembly of the deadbolt. The lock is easy to use exiting as well as entering with the code. Seems well-built and secure. I expect the battery will last a long time. Note that entering the code simply engages the knob, you then twist the doorknob manually to enter. The first refurb one I had to return due to missing parts
Worked well for 2 years. Only replaced the 9V battery once. But not the exterior knob doesn't always catch the lock. When trying to lock from the outside, or more frequently unlock, the knob will simply spin without engaging the lock. I have to enter the code several times and spin the knob repeatedly until it finally moves the bolt.
The Lock is ok, but I am concern a little because it is only lock proof on the ouside of the door. If an intruder was on the inside the lock can easily turn and they would still get in and out. I would still need to purchase a deadlock to be safe.
easy to use. nicer than having to have a key on you. easy to install and set up, when outside just put in your 4 digit code and turn the lock to get in. once inside turn the lever to relock. when you leave , close your door and turn the lever with the key hole so it relocks. if you let the door unlocked for a bit, then want to lock it from the outside, hit the top button, turn the lever and your locked again ,easy! it does have a key hole for back up, but when the battery is dying it lets you know in lots of time to replace it. I have these on all my doors, its a deadbolt. I also have the entry knobs by Schlage in the codes.
Sturdy, easy to install, works perfect. Instructions to install it are very complete an easy to follow. It brings only 1 key in case you neeed it, I would recommend to make at least another copy just in case.
This thing is sweet. I've wanted it for a while, cuz, you know, smart home things... The only gripe I have is the manual key gets stuck in the lock unless you have it turned a VERY specific way. Other than that it's rad. Thanks.
I am truly impressed with this product. The ease of coming in my house is just wonderful. Everyone has their own code. No more where are my keys??!! Best purchase I made for myself. It was easy to install as well.
Just follow the easy-to-understand directions, and this deadbolt lock is a breeze to install and operate. The fit and finish is excellent, the completed installation is attractive and functional. 2 codes are supplied with the lock, and up to 17 additional codes can be added. 2 keys are supplied for over-ride purposes. Comes with 9-volt alkaline battery, and the manual recommends that lithium batteries are NOT to be used !! If you have an existing hole in the door for a dead-bolt-type lock with 2 3/8ths back-spacing, this lock should fit right in with no need for adjustment of any kind. For 2 3/4ths inch back-spacing, the adjustment is made with a simple turning over of the dead-bolt. If you need to drill a hole to mount your dead-bolt lock, it can be done quickly and easily with the "Door Knobs 2 1/8" Hole Saw Diameter Wood Bit" by Amico -- which I purchased here at Amazon. The lock looks great, works perfectly, and is sure to keep the banditos from your goodies !!
Replaced our front door lock with this one. Easy to install. Easily set the combination. No issues so far and looks great. Makes entry so much easier but yet very secure.
Very pleased with the deadbolts. I put them on both front and back doors. Installation was a breeze, and locking and unlocking is straightforward; even my young kids got the hang of it very quickly. But, like all of these types of locks, you need to be on the lookout for signs that the battery needs to be changed. Fortunately, this model must not require much charge because the batteries seem to last much longer than the previous locks I had.
Locks that use a numerical keypad rather than a key are so much easier. Great for homes with kids or vacation rentals. Easy to install and easy to use. Installation took less than twenty minutes and all that was required was a screwdriver. Most of the time was spent removing the old door lock. The programming is done using a code included with the instructions, so do not throw it away or you will not be able to reprogram the codes. Great value for the money.
After seeing these at Airbnb’s I got one as my wife had a habit of loosing her keys. Great lock easy to change combo and it lights up at night!
So far, so good. We've had for about a month, and it's effective. I am a marginal handyman, and the instructions were sufficient for me to be successful
Had to use a part off the old Schlage lock as the new one came out too far and wouldn't fit properly. It all turned out well and most importantly, the wife is pleased.
used to replace my very old wiser keyless entry that had trouble moving the bolt after so many years of use. i like the fact that you have to turn the bolt so batteries should last a long time. it was easy to install and set up. looks great
I have installed these at my own house, and at rental properties. it's easy to install and program. Love it.
The best ever keyless door lock. I personally own 4 and bought another as a gift. Wouldn't have another kind.
Very easy to install and program. Even my 87 year old mom is able to use it easily. Here’s hoping it holds up well!
Great product. It’s good if you have guests so you don’t have to give them a key. You can change the code after they leave
This is the first door lock I got like this & LOVE it. Eventually I would like to upgrade to one that I can use the app but for now this is great.
Works great. Install was fairly straight forward. One less key to be jingling around on my pocket
besides it broke after 5 years.....but enjoy it so much, bought a 2nd.
I bought this unit a couple of weeks ago when Amazon had it on-sale. Installation was a breeze as I already had a standard deadbolt in place. I read the instructions and proceeded with the installation. I removed the old dead bolt and mounted the new unit. The new Deadbolt was quite a bit bulkier compared to the one I had. The bottom of the deadbolt barely cleared the existing door handle. In fact, I had to loosen the screw of the door handle so I could adjust the both units. I now have zero clearance between the deadbolt and the door handle. This is something for you to think about if your existing deadbolt and door handle is close to one another. Both my kids are now in middle school, so they leave later in the morning, and comes home before me. This unit will allow them to lock and unlock without keys. As such, I don't have to worry about them losing the keys... Alert!!! So, I finished mounting the deadbolt and proceeded to install the batteries. I change the default programming code and add new code for the wife and kids. Somewhere during the process of doing so, the deadbolt started getting out of snyc. I had to enter the code twice, before the deadbolt would engage. So I factory reset the unit, and used the default codes. I still had to enter the code twice before the deadbolt would engage. WTF? So, I called support, and was greeted by a support tech with no waiting. I explained my issue, and we went thru everything, but could not figure out why I had to enter the code twice to engage the unit. She thinks the unit is out of snyc and asked if I'd like to RMA the product back to them. I have Amazon prime, so it was most probably quicker for me to just order another unit and send this unit back, so I declined. Solution to the problem... Having an engineering background, I questioned (myself) if the unit was really out of sync. The result of having to enter the code twice every time was just too consistent to say it was out of sync. In the process of troubleshooting it, I found out that if you press the schlage button to lock the unit, and then you unlock it before the knob disengages, it will cause this issue. Advise to avoid this problem... Avoid engaging or disengaging the deadbolt until you are ready to test the unit with the door close. I was testing the deadbolt with the keys and the programming with the door open...locking and unlocking with the keypad and also manually with the key. By having the door close, you will be more systematic in engaging and disengaging the deadbolt. If you accidently lock yourself out, you can manually use the provided keys. I hope this helps you avoid the issues I had...
The greatest thing is this lock tolerates not perfectly aligned door vs frames. Sometimes the deadbolt is not directly aimed at the socket when locking, other digital locks would fail to lock. Since this one locks manually, you can always make sure the deadbolt is fully extended every time.
Excellent product. It has withstanded a harsh tropical over a year. It works flawlessly and is simple to operates
These are the best locks we have bought! Love not having a key to get in all the time.
Worked well a little difficult to install
This has been the answer to my rental property. No lock outs or battery dying. Love everything thing about it. Easy install and love that I can add many codes for multiple users....then erase them when no longer needed.
Works just as it should. Good quality and easy to install.
Highly recommend put it on my front door easy to use love it
Durable, battery life it’s great. Great when you have children that usually loose their key.
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