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Level mf1 smart card lock supplier for apartment

Level mf1 smart card lock supplier for apartment

Level mf1 smart card lock supplier for apartment

Delivery time
15-30 days
Start Port
Foshan, China
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Company Advantages
1. Level smart card lock is developed by the state-of-the-art R&D team who owns much experience in creating hardware tools. The team always strives to create a hardware product with high technology content. It is wear-resistant which ensures its luxury style for a longer time
2. Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd.'s customer service can help to assess your unique smart card lock needs. Adopting die-casting technology, it has a good surface roughness and high mechanical strength
3. The product is extremely movable. It is composed of multiple individual elements, which flow along with a horizontal guide attached to the ceiling, assembled one after another. Customers from Italy, Germany, America, Korea, etc. speak highly of the product
4. It has desired safety. Its live components, conductors or other internal parts are well housed with insulating materials, to prevent accidental contact. It adopts the leading nanoscale surface treatment technology, making its surface smooth

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   ◆  Product Characteristics

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  • 【Three ways to open:】Touch keypad / RFID Card / mechanical key

  • 【Material:】Plexiglass + Zinc Alloy

  • 【Finishing:】CR, RG

  • 【Workable mortise:】SS M001, SS M003

   ◆  Product Parameter

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Power supply

DC 4.5~6.5V 4pieces of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

 Static power waste


 Dynamic power waste


Store temperature


Store Humidity

10~98% RH

Working temperature


Working Humidity

15~85% RH

Working frequency

13.56MHz(MF 1)

Card capacity

200 cards


2 groups

Reaction time


Battery lifetime

about 1 year

Applied to

wooden or metal door of 35~65mm door thickness.

Low Voltage Warming

Another 50 times opening since the first low-power warming given out by the lock.

   ◆  Selling point

    With door bell function.


    Three ways to open: Touch keypad, RFID card, mechanical key.


    With OLED screen to display English menus, follow the menu to operate the lock step by step easily.


    Stand alone lock, each lock could register 200pcs user cards and 2 codes.


    Maximal 30 digits can be input for protecting the correct code unexposed.


    Can set Passage Mode (normal opening state) for special cases.


    External emergency jack design, convenient for emergency measure when power is cut.


    One card solution, the same card for lock, car parking, elevator, building entrance, time attendance, consumption system, staff management system etc.


    Can store the latest 1000pcs unlocking records (including mechanical key and inside open) and read them in OLED screen. 


    Using US or EU standard 5-latch mortise with stainless steel Latches, safe and reliable.


    Low power waste, the static current can be ignored. The lock can be used for more than 1 year normally with 4pcs AA Alkaline(LR6) batteries.


    Alarm function: alarm works for improperly door closing, low battery voltage, or someone pastes the latches purposely.


    Wide application range: can be installed on wooden or metal door whose thickness >= 38 mm (US standard), >= 35 mm (EU standard).

   ◆  Residential Lock Mortise

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(70mm mortise)
standard: zinc alloy latches
optional: stainless steel latches
Level mf1 smart card lock supplier for apartment-6


(60mm mortise)
standard:stainless steel latches

Company Features
1. Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. is doing a good job in manufacturing superior smart card lock .
2. With the unique technology and stable quality, our touch keypad lock win a wider and wider market gradually.
3. Although as a small and medium-sized enterprise, Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. has been striving to be the best electronic door locks for homes supplier. Please contact.
Love that I won't be locked out again! Also I love the little click it makes to know it's locked, and the ability to open the door and have it relock, even when I forget!
Makes life easier! Easy to use and program!
I had 2 of these installed for 3+ years already without any issues whotsoever, didn't even had to change the batteries yet
I have purchased this product previously for another project and I was pretty impressed with ease of installation and quality of the product. This order i was a little disappointed in some of the components like the battery compartment and the striker looks and feels cheap compared to previous products. Operation of product appears to be the same but time will tell how it compares to the old product.
I've got two of these on exterior doors and they work great, even though they are meant for interior doors. They made it through the winter snow, freezing temps, rain just fine. I had no issues with the cold temps affecting the electronics, nor have I had any issues with rust. They were fairly simple to install. Good instructions for someone with NO experience, and only took about 15 minutes. I love that these have a backup key built it. Gives me piece of mind to have a manual back-up.
As i single mom, I value my safety. I put this in by myself. Easy to install. Maybe 15 minutes to remove old one and install this. I love that my kids don't have to carry keys anymore. Best part: Once the door is closed, it automatically relocks after 10 seconds. No one has to remember to lock the door!!!
So easy to put together and no extra key to carry around
Works great
Our handyman was able to install this very quickly. The only thing I wish were different pertains to the keypad. I wish it lit up once you started entering your code. It would be particularly helpful at night. Other than that it works exactly as expected and seems very well-made.
This works great! Super convenient when leaving the house in a hurry and even better when coming home with your hands full. When you leave, you just press the lock button instead of having to take out keys like we used to have to do.
Easy to install and works like a charm! Looks great, high quality. Wish I could put on on my exterior security (metal storm door) door, but alas, there isn't enough room.
Excellent upgrade from their previous Smartcode. The profile of the back is smaller than the older one. still a breeze to set up and program. I really like that I can add a combo for each user. It took two tries to get the thicker strikeplate to align properly, but was worth the effort. Very convenient for short trips away from the house (walking the dog) as I don't have to worry about bringing the keys along. Just one less thing to loose at the dog park.
I got this for a detached garage door so I wouldn't always have to be locking and unlocking it with a key. My wife parks in the garage, and she loves this lock. It's easy to install and easy to use. She likes the fact that at night, she can push a button and the numbers light up. She also loves the one-key lock, so when she gets home, she closes the door, pushes the button, and walks away. I installed this a few months ago, and since then it has had flawless performance. Definitely an excellent purchase.
The kids kept forgetting to lock the front door so we got this lock because it has an auto lock feature. We also can put a code for everyone in the family and temp codes for other people who are visiting. We had many breaking prior to getting this lock, now it is a deterrent and no more fumbling for keys. It works with a key if you need to or the batteries die but we have had it for a few months now and have yet to change the batteries
I installed it with my brother and it’s pretty safe and easy to use it. Just make up a code and it’s easy as that. Myself I feel very safe in my home with these kind of door lock.
Quick and relatively easy to install if you read the instructions. If you have a smaller style knob now, you may need a hammer and chisel to re-shape the door notches for the strike plates. Good quality finish. An excellent upgrade!
Easy to install when replacing a prior Kwikset deadbolt, watch installation video on YouTube. Works great, looks good, easy to re-key to match existing Kwikset key. Would buy again
We have been using this for just over 2 years now on our main garage door entrance without any problems. The batteries need to be replaced about every 6 months. The motor seems to be a bit weak but it gets the job done. Re-keying the lock with the included tool is simple and handy.
The lock was very easy to install and works great. So handy to lock with push of one button. Easy to open with code of your choosing. It even allows multiple codes. Looks nice. I definitely recommend.
Worked great for 4 years, now dead. The motor no longer works, so it's now useless unfortunately. 3 stars though for working great before it died.
It was very easy for me to install this item. Everyone loves it and it looks good on the door. I took off one star because it is loud when it unlocks but nothing so bad I cant deal with it.
My family loves this electronic lock. It holds about 16 different codes (not sure why you need that many). The installation was pretty simple. I admit though, I have installed two electronic Schlage locks before this one. One Schlage is in our new house that we are building. The other lock I installed in the house we are living now. The lock has a large piece that sticks out that allows you to turn the bolt to lock it. Unfortunately, the lock sticks out too much for me to close the storm door. Bummer. So I decided to try this one. Not gonna lie, I actually love this lock more than the top of the line Schlage. This one is so wonderfully automatic. I push the top button when I'm leaving the house, the lock mechanism whirs and the bolt locks on its own. I punch in a code, the mechanism whirs and the bolt withdraws on its own. With the Schlage, we have to physically turn the bolt to engage it. Also, this came with two keys (they we won't use, but good to have). While the Schlage only came with one. What? There is a little light that blinks about once every 10 seconds. Amber indicates the bolt is engaged. Green indicates the bolt is open. Red indicates the battery is low. You can move the little toggle switch inside to turn off the light. But I like knowing if the door is locked. Also, you can re-key it yourself, should you need to. We are going to rent the house we are living in now, so whenever tenets change, we will just have to erase the old code and give our new tenant a new code. Very nice. Another wonderful feature is automatic locking. The lock has the capability to lock itself after 30 seconds. And yet another very cool feature, a code can have up to 10 digits. I like having the opportunity to use more digits since it seems more secure. Now that I've written all the great stuff about this lock, I think I'm going to order another one and put it on the front door of our new house. The Schlage can go on the door between door that leads from the garage and into the house.
I bought this as a replacement deadbolt for my front door. The install was pretty straight forward if you've ever installed a deadbolt before. The installation was missing two important screws for the interior housing. I called customer service on a Tuesday and had the replacement screws by Thursday via UPS. I wish it would unlock faster. It takes about 3 seconds to unlock/lock. Which doesn't seem like a long time until waiting to unlock it several times per day.
I am very happy with this lock. It was very easy to install in the existing hole where my standard deadbolt was. It works very well, and I like that you can enter a code longer than 4 digits. I also like that you can enter a special "admin" code that prevents people from just taking the back off and entering new codes without your knowledge.
A royal pain to install . Sit down and read the instructions front to back . Yes this means the alpha needs to read. Seasoned professional needs to read full instructions also.
Great electronic deadbolt lock. Easy to program and install. Able to rekey to existing key.
lock is easy to install and program it. You can re-key it to work with your existing key. Works with my Samsung smart things. Only complaint is that you need the $99.00 hub to get it to work with alexa. But i recommend it beats getting up all the time to unlock the door. About time alexa did some work around the house.
Very good reliable product, works well, very convenient being keyless. Looks nice in golden color. Thanks!
Easy install. Had to mess with the strike plate hole a bit but every door is different so it’s to be expected. Follow the programming instructions step by step and you wont have a problem. Be sure to check lock orientation using the master code first and then set up the user code(s).
It is what I needed but instructions were a little less than thorough. I found myself searching through YouTube to figure out proper procedures.
I am very happy so far with this lock. It works exactly as described and seems reliable. It was easy to install, looks great and operates perfectly. What more could you expect? Also at a reasonable price.
Fairly easy to install and looks good. Was able to get a good price by getting it new/open box. Keyless, but no wi-fi connected garbage that needs security updates to prevent hacking and it still has a real key that turns a real deadbolt.
After reprogramming the passcode a few times the unit is up and running. Expect years of service. Works as advertised and looks grand.
This was easy enough to install that I did it myself. That is an accomplishment for me!!!! It is a little slow but it works well and was very reasonable priced. Happy with this purchase
Easy install and error free function. Directions are very thorough for those doing their own work! Looks great too!
Easy to install and use. We’ve had them for a couple of months now and they work and look great!
I like the idea. Works poorly in cold weather. Plastic stop ring gets stiff and won’t let the door lock.
Nice door lock, but know that the keypad does not light up. The buttons only light up one at a time when you press them.
My husband had a hard time installing it (and he is a VERY handy guy, so it wasn't lack of skill) but once he got it installed it's been great! I always used to get yelled at for not locking the door, now I just have to push a button and not pull out my keys ?
I was replacing a Defiant brand lock. This Kwikset fit exactly as intended. Hardware was higher quality than Defiant. Easy to re-key. More battery voltage also.
Fairly easy to install, instructions were ok. Works great!
Easy to install. Easy to set up. LOTS of options setting up codes and functionality. Love the convenience.
works just fine manually without a hub. in order to make it wifi capable you will need a hub. I use wink 2 hub and I can unlock and lock from anywhere. Unfortunately Wink currently wont allow me to enter and erase codes so I have to do that through the lock
Easy to install. Read the instructions carefully and watch youtube for more help. No need to give out keys. I can unlock my door from anywhere.
This installed in minutes. Super easy directions. It’s works perfectly.
We bought this for our vacation rental and have used other brands at different locations. So far, every single person staying has had issues getting the door to unlock. Not sure if it’s the double numbered keys, but it’s becoming an annoyance. If you’re using it for yourself at home, it’s probably fine.
So easy a caveman can do it! Seriously though, looks great, easy to install and easy to program. I love that I can code it to read my original house key!
I am actually proud of myself. It was a good 10 minutes set up. Easy! No I can leave the house and not carry a key! FDo hide a spare key somewhere, in case you end up ignoring the alerts when the batteries start to die!
Easy install, did what was promised.. Door locks itself so we never forget to lock the door after it is closed. Our door also is on an spring self closure mechanism, so door is always closed and locked, yet easy to get in without a key. Installation took about 20 minutes. Very pleased
Installed easily and works perfectly. We're so pleased with how nice it looks and how it solves the problem of providing security when we have multiple guests. I'd highly recommend.
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