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Level security keypad door lock wholesale for home

Level security keypad door lock wholesale for home

Level security keypad door lock wholesale for home

Delivery time
15-30 days
Start Port
Foshan, China
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Application Scope
residential electronic lock developed and produced by Level Intelligent Lock is mainly applied to the following aspects.While providing quality products, Level Intelligent Lock is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.Our products are produced in accordance with . All materials used in the products are well selected and purchased from our reliable partners, which guarantees the competitive price and stable performance.
Enterprise Strength
  • Excellent staff is the core part of a company. Nowadays, we have people staffed in several departments including design, R&D with excellent technicians and senior experts in the hardware industry, production, and after-sales department.
  • Level Intelligent Lock constantly improves product quality and service system. Our commitment is to provide quality products and professional services.
  • Level Intelligent Lock is always customer-oriented and devoted to offering the best products and service for each customer in an efficient manner.
  • Since established, we have spent years of efforts in the development and production of the hardware. So far, we have mature craftsmanship and experienced workers to help us achieve a highly efficient and reliable business cycle
  • Our global manufacturing and sales network have spread to and other overseas countries. Inspired by the high marks by the customers, we are expected to expand our sales channels and provide more considerate service.
Company Advantages
1. Many steps are covered when creating a successful Level code door lock . They are mainly researching, inspiration, designing, fabric selection, sampling, and production.
2. This product has been well received by customers for its high performance and durability.
3. The product is made through a process that involves rigorous quality testing, such as inspection of raw materials and finished products.
4. Due to its good characteristics, the product has received warm reception and rapid sales in the market.

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   ◆  Product Characteristics

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  • 【Three ways to open:】Fingerprint / RFID card / mechanical key

  • 【Material:】SUS304

  • 【Finishing:】SS, SPVD, GB, AC

  • 【Workable mortise:】various types of EU mechanical mortise

  • Suitable for PVC, Aluminum door.

   ◆  Product Parameter

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Fingerprint collect time

< 0.5 second.   

 Fingerprint contrast time

< 1 second.   





 Storage capacity

200pcs (can be extended)

 Working voltage

4.8-6.0V, 4pcs of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

 Static power waste


 Dynamic power waste


 Operating temperature


 Fingerprint window solution


 Fingerprint setting template

twice form a template

 Battery lifetime

about 1 year

Applied to

wooden or metal door of 40-65mm door thickness.

Low Voltage Warming

Another 50 times opening since the first low-power warming given out by the lock.

   ◆  Selling point

    Use semi-conductor sensor, detect fingerprint automatically when put fingers onto sensor.


    Three ways for access: fingerprint, RFID card or mechanical key.


    With OLED screen to display English menus, follow the menu to operate the lock step by step easily.


    SUS304 material, with clutch inside panels, work with various type of mechanical mortise.


    Use European standard cylinder.


    Lift handle upwards to pull out deadbolts for double lock from outside when leaving.


    Large capacity: can register 200 cards and 200 fingerprints, and can be extended.


    Detect fingerprint automatically when put fingers onto sensor.


    Use 4pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, saving energy, with low voltage alarm.


    Unique passage mode can be set, convenient for conference.


    With mini USB port for emergency power supply when battery is used out.

   ◆  Residential Lock Mortise

Level security keypad door lock wholesale for home-5


standard: SS6068
optional: SS6068 morise with heaven and earth bolt
Level security keypad door lock wholesale for home-6


standard: EU type mortise
optional: EU type mortise

Company Features
1. As a large company, Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on keypad door lock .
2. Every piece of password lock has to go through material checking, double QC checking and etc.
3. In accordance with the principle of prudent operation, Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. will make no effort to increase its competitiveness. Get quote! The next mission of Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. is to improve code door lock . Get quote! The service principle of Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. has always been keypad lock . Get quote! The service idea of fingerprint door locks for home in Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. emphasize on best electronic door locks for homes. Get quote!
This is my second one. I bought one over a year ago for our back door and love the connivence and ease of use so much that I bought another one for our front door. These are weather exposed year round in the northeast, so they experience very hot (95+ degrees) and very cold (-5 degrees) days without issue. This new one will experience direct sun through a storm door, so I'm curious to see if that has any impact on the rubber buttons - we will see. Hope this helps.
Love it love it. Our back door is now always locked for sure, instead of being unsure if we locked it or not. It did take a locksmith to install as the directions are pretty confusing for the layman. Also I wanted to be sure that it was installed correctly and tightly. We had a combination lock and door handle so needed this version to have a replacement handle, and we like it very much. It looks polished and sturdy and the keys light up when touched. I would recommend Schlage anytime.
Works good ...I use at as a basement lock .... I installed this lock a few weeks ago but so far it works....
Great product . . . very easy to install too. I just had to extend the length of the hole for the bolt in the doorsill. This one was a little longer (a good thing)! The lock works well and is easy to program. I just have a concern as to how long the 9 volt battery will last. I will change it once a year with the smoke detectors . . . jut to be sure!
I'm marginally-handy at best, and this was very easy to install.
This is a quality lock. I use it for my investment property and no one has screwed it up so far which means it pretty much indestructible.
This deadbolt is a real cost saver!!!! After having to leave work multiple times to let my (somewhat forgetful) kid in the house after "forgetting" their house key, this unit has paid for itself in no time. Not the easiest to install, but definitely worth the effort!
Very good keyless lock. Easy to install an input codes.
I ended up never using it and sold it to a friend. The last I heard he's quite happy with the product.
I watched a YouTube video to in stall. It was super easy! It took me about 15min to install and add my personalized 4 digit passcode. No more fumbling for keys when I have my hands full or when I go out to warm my car up in the am :-) I'm a happy camper!
Looks great. Easy to install. Very convenient to have a keypad, instead of handing out keys to dog walker, etc. Easy to program new codes. The only thing that was a little difficult was using the key. The directions aren't very clear. I couldn't get the key out and had to call customer support (who basically told me to "just keep fiddling with it"). I finally figured it out.
This is my second one
Easy installation. My boyfriend offered and I gave it a try...very simple. Took about 30 minutes to install the deadbolt and separate handle AND program all my new key codes. Very happy and would highly recommend!
excellent quality and build, easy to program. Its the third Schlage cypher lock I bought.
Very nice made lock. It is so much handier than keeping up with keys, especially when there are children coming home from school. It was easy to install , too.
Easy to install and program. A relief not to have to carry keys
works great, looks great, wish it had an automatic lock button for the outside but i can see how it would last much longer without using a motor. That should theoretically make it cheaper too but it is not cheap.
Looks great. Easy to install. Needed a deadbolt that I could have a code to yet manually turn because my door and the jam doesn’t line up just right. This works perfect!!
Love this security lock. Gives me great comfort
Love having a keyless entry. This is my second one of these. I have had my other one for about 3 1/2 years now with no problems. Easy to install and program. It arrived fast as well.
Best investment for my home
You can not imagine how nice it is not to have to have a house key. So easy to use and install. Push the top button and keys light up at night making it easy to see the numbers. It's Schlage, it's quality. This was my second one. Owned the first one for about three years. I use both still, one on the front and back door.
these locks are great. No more carrying around extra keys! I only wish it had a setting to automatic lock when the door is shut.
The lock is well made, reasonably priced, and appears quite durable. Installation was easy but be sure to configure whether you want the single button lock function to engage. I did not and found myself having to remove the cover to set it to my needs. I'll be buying another for the garage door very soon. Super product !
Outstanding addition to my remote well pump house that has to be serviced by technicians when I am not there. Aged Bronze finish is the perfect finish for this application. Installation and programming was a piece of cake!
This is one of those things you don't really need until you have had one. I can walk the dogs without taking a key. I set a temporary code for a contractor doing some work for us. It is a simple process to add or delete codes. The 9-volt battery lasts over a year and is easy to replace.
solid product thats fairly easy to install. works like a charm. dropping a star as it is not intuitive that you must push the "schlage" button in order to engage and lock the deadbolt.
Great product and easy install. Literally took minutes and works perfectly.
I really enjoy having this so I don't have to pull my key out. Works well, except for in REALLY cold temps, like single digits or less. Sometimes have to use key to lock at these temps, but when it was negative with windchill, we couldn't lock from the outside one day until it got warmer. Overall, I love it, but be prepared for it to not work it cold temps. Would still have bought, even with the trouble.
Fantastic lock. Note that the position of the exterior lock handle has no bearing on whether or not the door is actually locked/unlocked. This lock has a clutch mechanism that will couple or uncouple the exterior handle from the lock so there really is no way of knowing whether the door is locked or not from looking at it from outside of the house (as discussed in another review somewhere...)
I just bought a new house, and was going to re-key all the locks from previous owner. The DIY kit I found online sucks (hint hint), and to pay a locksmith nearly the same amount I thought I'd try this one. Works great, and I bought another one for my other deadbolt entry. Nice thing is that you can just get a "passage" handle to go with it instead of carrying all those keys!
Beautiful looks great but setting the code is really difficult: I had a different push button lock before and it was a breeze to activate it
Excellent lock and very easy to install, took maybe 15 minutes. Highly recommend and I paired mine with the Camelot Handle and they look great together.
I have installed at least 10 of these locks on tenant doors. They are awesome. The batteries last a long time and iit makes my life simpler because I don't have to carry keys. The tenants tend to like them also. I have also used door set types. (these are just a deadbolt that you have to mechanically throw after entering the code. I have installed 4 of the handset types. Be aware that there are different features on these and make sure you read the description so that you know what features you are getting. For instance some don't have the ability to engage and disengage the auto lock feature from the inside. Before I purchased these, I never gave any thought to the fact that I would have to manually throw this bolt. ( thought it would work automatically, like my handsets at home. There are somje crazy great features on the different types so READ READ READ THE DESCRIPTIONS. I HAVE HAD 0 PROBLEMS WITH THE MANY THAT iI HAVE INSTALLED. they can definetely save your sanity. Did I mention how attractive they are.
love the lock, bye to my keys.
I've only had it for a couple weeks but I love my lock.
Worked Great,,great price
Took about fifteen minutes to install and another five to program. Works great and makes getting in and out of the house much easier! Highly recommended upgrade.
Good quality and works well. My only complaint is that it is a bit on the big side, as such you can't use it in conjunction with the Camelot keypad handle unit as there is not enough clearance on the door....Bummer
Easy to install and it works well
still need a key if you want two dead bolt security when away from home. excellent if you are going away when someone is home or outside in the garden and only expect family visitors, etc.
Love the finish. Only two complaints. One it is slightly bulkier then I thought it would be and second wish it would lock or unlock all by its self after pushing the code but should have realized that from the picture lol. Overall happy with it.
Love this lock! 5 stars! If I can I give more I would. Useful and no need to have my house key ready anymore. Don’t sleep on this lock.
Works perfectly
Used these on my new home.....LOVE them. Makes it easy to get in and out and I don't have to worry about a bunch of keys.
Product is just as advertised and I am well pleased.
I love this deadbolt. I purchased this device so that I could provide access to my home for multiple people & family members without me having to be there or making multiple keys. My adult children down to my middle-schooler, my visiting friends and family all have different 4 digit access codes and no longer have to wait for my arrival to let themselves in. I love this batterry powered device.
Great item. Had one on previous house could not wait to get on new house. Battery life is great maybe 9 months and will tell you to replace battery by beeping at you. Easy to change add or delete codes...but keep the instructions
Super nice for dog walkers and house guests.
Worked great. Exactly what I needed. Easy to install and program.
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