Fingerprint lock core change path

by:Level      2020-07-08
Electronic door lock in domestic development up to now, has more than 10 years of time, from the hotel to the fingerprint lock lock during this time the domestic electronic door lock of the four major reforms, has focused on the reform of the lock core, always bring a leap progress. Generation of insert core: hotel lock core is the end of last century during the period of fingerprint lock is introduced by Europe and the domestic, the fingerprint lock more pay attention to the competition, technology and quality products are mainly in hotels, government agencies, high-grade villas and other places. Hotel is inserted core this period fingerprint lock industry as one of the important technical representative. This period of fingerprint lock core has begun to have generous tongue, tongue and generous can only inside control, intelligent is relatively poor. And because the mechanical and electrical coordination is too heavy, leading to a closed insert core can appear larger crack, causes the thief or illegal molecules by CARDS can pry open lock, safety performance is bad. But compared with the traditional mechanical locks, this time the advantages of fingerprint lock - High intelligence, which can realize the function such as credit card to open the door, convenient management, is very popular to the hotels, clubs and other places, are relatively widely, today, is still many hotel engineering objects in the first place. Generation of insert core: lift his hand core period at present, the industry much and is widely applied on the lock body is inserted core insert their core. The period of the fingerprint lock core, the core is inserted in the hotel is optimized on the basis of core mechanical and electrical technology is more mature, changed the insert core closed too heavy, large seam defect, make the door open and close more smooth, safe than hotel core is improved. In addition, the period of the core in order to prevent broken, generally increase the pry proof design, it is now commonly used in fingerprint lock the civilian market. Even if the period of the fingerprint lock insert core insert core than hotel has made great improvement, but still has its fatal shortcomings, for the obvious way: close the door after need to mention on the handle, can really locked the door. This function does not conform to the modern people's habits, especially the elderly and children, habitual thought is closed and has locked the door, easy to forget the carry handle. So easy to outlaws organic can figure, due to this kind of situation frequently appeared in newspapers and property safety case, but most industry enterprises due to technical reasons is still in the era of lift handle. The third generation of insert core: generous tongue play core period in order to solve the lift handle to lock the door when you leave this conundrum, driven by the motor, greatly reduced the core internal mechanical friction between, can be very good driving and generous tongue up automatically, realize fingerprint lock closed the lock function, make up for the generation of insert core need carrying handle locked shortcomings, more in line with the habits of people, to further improve safety performance. Look from the insert core upgrade fingerprint lock industry technology development even the period of the insert core has so many advantages, but as people, to the promotion of safety requirements due to the period of the insert core cannot automatically pop up the heavens and the earth pole still can't satisfy people's needs. The fourth generation of insert core: more tongue while playing inserted core period, now the fingerprint lock core technology can meet the demand of modern people's life greatly, but there are still a lot of space can be improved. Fingerprint lock industry to achieve further development, not only should fluctuate in the lock body technology, on the insert core optimization also must change idea, prompted insert core intelligent further enhance, reached the standard of life in the future, so as to realize the fingerprint lock technology of high, refined, sharp, fingerprint lock better development.
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