How long service life of fingerprint lock

by:Level      2020-07-08
Many users of the service life of the fingerprint lock there is doubt, become an obstacle to the people to buy and use of fingerprint lock. In people's impression, fingerprint lock is a kind of electronic science and technology products, the service life of the fingerprint lock will not be too long, even longer trouble-free use, but also easy to face problems such as technology or design is eliminated. What can we learn from the consumer's doubts, the service life of the fingerprint lock composed of two aspects: one, the quality of the fingerprint lock performance problems fingerprint lock in quality performance on the service life of the fingerprint lock effect is the main factor. Fingerprint lock on the market now, a lot of fingerprint lock brands are propaganda life warranty 10 years or 20 years, this is undoubtedly exaggerated propaganda. Fingerprint lock is not very stable quality performance, the fact that the industry. Why do you say so? Because the fingerprint lock industry has yet to have a perfect industry standards, in the absence of standard, the indicators of fingerprint lock the stability of the lack of reference standard. Second, the fingerprint lock technology development and design upgrades. For fingerprint lock technology and design of upgrading the service life of the fingerprint lock problem. This problem not only exists in the fingerprint lock industry, but also exists in all kinds of rapid development of electronic science and technology industry. Fingerprint lock industry technology into a period of rapid development at present, technology upgrading and product cycle is short, this leads to the old one's fingerprint lock product after-sales cannot follow technology, thus passively caused some to use one or two years of fingerprint lock product after-sales problems cannot be solved while facing elimination. Such as a user in the use of fingerprint lock two years later, the fingerprint lock panel chips, and other functions in good condition, but the lock body is broken, need to change the lock body, and the electronic lock body has been modified or eliminated, fingerprint lock could not find the lock body fit so smart forced out. So that's how long service life of the fingerprint lock, hope help you when buying installation fingerprint lock. Here, small make up remind everybody must oneself when buying fingerprint lock to understand actually, not only listen to sales staff, because there are a lot of sales staff is to exaggerate product propaganda. Only you actually know that can identify whether businesses exaggerated propaganda and driving up prices.
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