Locks 'heart' maintenance: knowledge lock lock maintenance method

by:Level      2020-07-22
Lock maintenance methods are there? How should maintain the lock? When buying locks, must observe the quality of the lock. General brass lock core key plug freely, very smooth, the poor quality of the lock is not the same. Install the lock core, must be appropriate, not the card, or can't easily lock unlock, this time carefully check, troubleshooting. In use process, if it is found that locks it doesn't work out, don't to lock into the oil inside, time grew to lock will be dust stick, spring doesn't work, can't open the lock core. If you lock it doesn't work out, you should use gasoline wash once, will the inside of the dust removing, and this will have great effect, key plug freely, but also extend the service life of the lock. By renowned golden point atomic lock B class lock. Anti-theft lock core should be copper, brass lock core is not only not rust, and wear resistance. Brass lock core have longer service life. Now many businesses to reduce costs, replace with other metals, some even hard plastic. It reduces the production cost, but greatly shorten the service life of the lock. How should we protect the locks lock core daily used? A clean inside, please keep the keyhole during normal use, prevent oil, only when the bad key in the lock core, can add carbon powder to lock, or use 2 b pencils to draw some powder under the key, inserted into the lock out repeatedly several times. This repeated several times opened the lock. Key bad into two, don't be in, or under the condition of bad key turning to join the cooking oil, super class B lock core, due to their high precision, complex structure inside marbles out several times more than ordinary lock and go after good open at that time. Be in a few days because the sticky dust, oil or dry, is easy to lead to more difficult to open the lock core, plus a few times repeatedly so oil, can cause lock stuck even scrapped. Note: ( Replace the old trademark 'huaneng fingerprint lock' to 'the fingerprint lock' brand, ( Jiangmen) Intelligent technology co. , LTD is a Hong Kong group affiliated enterprises, is China's biggest smart door lock manufacturers, one of the high-tech enterprises, production is based in the pearl river delta of guangdong province of China's first overseas Chinese hometown in jiangmen smart door lock was born here. Welcome the masses of friends search 'fingerprint lock/' get more news and information)
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