The choose and buy hotel intelligent control system of two problems - should be considered Smart hotel guest room system

by:Level      2020-08-13

commit suicide by hanging oneself professional hotel intelligent control system, have been numerous hotels, many hotels are want to buy installation hotel intelligent control system to improve their competitiveness and create more profit, but the hotel when the choose and buy must bear in mind that blind, to help the hotel better hotel intelligent control system of choose and buy, the small make up for everyone to explain in detail when the choose and buy needs to consider two questions.

one, the system is stable hotel intelligent control system stability is the first factor to consider when purchasing. Install hotel intelligent control system for the effect of life bring convenience, safety, comfort, the stability of the hotel intelligent control system mainly includes the control module of product stability, the stability of the system is running, the stability of the circuit structure, integrated function stability, the stability of the running time, etc. , if a hotel intelligent control system on stability can meet these requirements, basically you can rest assured of choose.

2, whether function integration

hotel intelligent control system is the centralized and unified control of the hotel equipment, core products including communication protocol, system platform or operating system, according to the scene environment configuration solution. And the corresponding specific products include security equipment, lighting control equipment, multimedia equipment, environmental control equipment, etc. These devices will be focused on the system, through the system communication protocol, linked each subsystem, information exchange, can control each other. While many vendors are put on the market one or a few simple subsystems product propaganda for the intelligent household, so when the choose and buy in addition to understand the function of each subsystem components, should ask for details of the integration of the whole system performance.

this is in the hotel intelligent control system of choose and buy the hotel need to consider two questions. Hotel intelligent control system stability and function of the integration are determines whether it will produce benefit in the practical application of the key, so have to attention. When the choose and buy can login website to check hotel intelligent control system is the latest offer relevant recommendations.

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