2016 intelligent trend of era of the new intelligent lock market will gradually into the mainstream

by:Level      2020-07-31
China's economy continues to grow, there is no doubt that the lock industry is heating up, but the domestic manufacturers catch up a high level of process. In for a new round of technological revolution, the industry needs more core technology breakthrough, more transcendence of results. China is lock power, but not lock power, expensive foreign lock is still the mainstream. Facing the future, China -- need to forge ahead, get rid of 'a key to open several lock' the quality of the cancer, turns into a 'power bosses'. For, China -- how to take hold in the future market, find the breakthrough development, but according to the current market, still can predict the locks the development direction of industry in 2016. 1, the rural market, will open up new possibilities. Rural market into a major: with the national policy to promote rural, rural change is very big, the farmers' living standard is higher and higher, and farmers rich after first thing in the house, house more, lock with increase of demand, the lock industry, is good news. 2 lock, car market potential is tremendous, in 2015, China's auto production, about more than 6500 cars off sales of gradual growth for car lock market offers a larger development space, because the production of cars in our country at present stage, generally use ordinary lock, but after buying car users will basically go in central lock or smart lock. At present, the increasing car production, 'motorists' is on the rise, it indicates the car lock market has huge potential. 3, insert core door lock is the development direction of insert core door lock manufacturers in China, the scale is not big, the grade is not high also, function is simple, so, with the development of the market, the insert core door lock will be a development direction of the market. From current market of locks, lock in the market for a long time, will continue to give priority to with mechanical lock. Main mechanical lock locks and spherical door lock, and the development potential of insert core door lock was obviously higher than that of spherical door lock, one is that using the insert core door lock is much more superior than the spherical door lock, the second is, insert core door lock is easy to escape in the fire. 4, smart door locks gradually into the mainstream of intelligent fingerprint lock with intelligent household become the development trend of future smart home, intelligent security become the core of smart home, create a broad market space, is committed to building intelligent household, the prospects for the next 2016 years, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of locks the market: on the one hand, high-end locks high technology content, highlight the characteristics of humanization, individuation, in consumer demand. On the one hand, to bring the performance of high-tech products, the product has a high profit, merchants natural look good.
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