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by:Level      2020-07-31
In access control, attendance, meal card, bus card, etc in the traditional IC card business, engaged in the enterprise quantity many, the market competition is more intense; The multi-function, high intelligent degree, high technical content of emerging one business ( Such as mobile phone IC card) , mainly in research and development design ability and strong ability of overall solution in the industry high quality enterprise is given priority to, competition is relatively moderate. As telecom operators as the main driver of the rise of mobile phone card business, the future competition in mobile phone IC card will be about enterprise key industry status. Depth from China's door industry market research and analysis to understand investment strategy research, the traditional mechanical anti-theft lock is used the mechanical combination way, although the shape of a key differ in thousands ways, but the key in the lock hole, its tooth hole and lock the marbles form convex concave cooperate with each other, as long as mutual combination, can open the lock. Sort as a result of the keys and billiard concavo-convex combination may be unlimited, the key to open the door downstairs upstairs reason often exist. The emergence of intelligent lock, huge feature lies in its & other Intelligent & throughout; , get rid of the bondage of the traditional mechanical keys, fingers, card, password, and remote control can be used to switch lock, it is higher than the traditional mechanical lock security, has more advantage in biometric identification technology, fingerprint identification is ancient, and got the support of long-term practice and reliable means of identification, especially living fingerprint collection and fingerprint recognition algorithm of two core technologies of this a few years got great improve & ndash; — The former is to solve the problem of effective fingerprint and the latter to solve the problem of reliable recognition especially the deformation state of reliable recognition, a large number of applications in practice has been embedded in the core technology of all kinds of products in inspection, mostly close to maturity. In vivo fingerprint acquisition technology of strip from the semiconductor sliding acquisition and antistatic fingerprint residue, durable, low power consumption, and 10 million times, many aspects, such as cost and volume in most applications is expected to fully replace the planar press type semiconductor fingerprint acquisition chip. Therefore, compared with similar products, fingerprint identification of cost-effective, also more suitable for application to public life, can to a large extent to ensure the safety of users of life and property. At present, the rapid development of information industry, cell phones have been developed to mobile payment, mobile banking, etc. , with the development of intelligent lock related technology and mature, the development of the intelligent lock also entered a new stage of development. Fingerprint identification, mobile phones unlock, remote alarm, SMS lock, alarm, id card lock, mobile phone induction unlock new technology such as intelligent door locks, wireless network application products appeared, let the function and application of the intelligent lock more rich and diverse, intelligent is more outstanding. And synchronization with intelligent household, the development of the Internet of things. According to estimation, including financial, security, office, high-grade residential, commercial and residential markets each year about 5 million sets of market demand, 90% of the villa fingerprint lock installation, 10% of new buildings completely standard fingerprint lock, 20% of high-end customers from intelligence in fingerprint lock of the third generation is compared with the traditional mechanical lock, lock products. But our domestic high-grade locks manufacturers compete with foreign brands are still & other; Imitation stage & throughout; And at the same time, do not have & other supporting service system Throughout the world first-class standard &; , these two factors directly affect the popularity of the smart door lock speed, cost, fingerprint lock, for example, a qualified fingerprint lock, must adopt the international leading level of the smart chip and high standard of installation materials, which will determine the rigid cost in one thousand yuan of above, at the same time because of the high value of science and technology, the fingerprint lock market price is generally more expensive. In addition, locks manufacturer mainly small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, poor equipment, small enterprises is still in the phase of pure machinery manufacturing, from the set of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of new locks field is far distance. In addition, be engaged in export processing or OEM business for a long time, make a lot of smaller private enterprises has long formed the quantity only, not the technical ideas and practices, some companies don't even have the ability to design and production of high-grade locks, at the same time foreign lock enterprise have also accelerated the pace of into the Chinese market, domestic brands and foreign brands in high-grade locks market confrontation. Comprehensive described above, lock industry innovation requires enterprise transformation idea, the idea of change is given priority to with imitation, to master relevant technology, increase the investment of equipment, technology, research and development and patent innovation, improve product technology content, increase the differentiation degree of the product; Enterprises should pay attention to enhance brand awareness, implement brand strategy, let more consumers recognize the advantage of smart lock, thus improve consumer acceptance for smart lock. Only in this way can intelligent lock enterprise smoothly almost blank in China the intelligent lock a foothold on the market, and develop a larger market territory. 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