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by:Level      2020-07-31
The thief now more and more, many people fear itself a big door lock, peace back and forth in the lock. New fingerprint lock heard of guard against theft system is very good, is that many people want to go to the smart locks, then peace fingerprint lock? Fingerprint lock with lock industry, is a new product. Result is good, is it really so much? Then let's see above all the way down! Is to become a new generation of fingerprint lock door lock, the crux is the application of biological fingerprinting techniques, application of human fingerprint uniqueness and not repetitive. Because of more than one hundred million people in the world each person's fingerprints are unique, the same and not a leaf in the world is full is strange. Fingerprint recognition skills biological fingerprinting techniques should be took in the United States, to the human body temperature, humidity, and the rate of blood activities, there is a certain request, guard against the hidden danger of the criminals and the application of fingerprint is very good to deal with the key to use someone like to open the door, guaranteeing safe sex, make the fingerprint lock has unparalleled high safety function. Fingerprint lock has grown in the subpolar decade, if you say a few years ago, I don't initiative you purchase this product, but now I want to, abnormal support your managed to my mind. In the past few years, especially from the beginning of 2008, the fingerprint lock beginning with unusually fast rate of growth and throughout, of collecting many residential choice today fingerprint lock, reason is very short, because the fingerprint to open the door is bound to replace the key to open the door. This is a big growth direction. Is the fingerprint lock is not the more expensive the better, actually buy time of fingerprint lock, peace, stability, versatility and intelligence should be provoked widespread deposit as soon as possible. According to the function of guard against theft, respectively, the popular fingerprint lock is divided into two categories, popular fingerprint lock and security fingerprint locks. Strange usual fingerprint locks and electronic locks, important to adopt fingerprint authentication, but it does not apply to the existing of collecting security doors, the fingerprint lock not to hook, means less application security doors and anti-theft function of community security system differences, the market price also don't have heaven and earth. With intelligent anti-theft effect of fingerprint lock price is significantly higher than common fingerprint lock. Is, fingerprint lock, the choose and buy must first choice for the lock according to your door. Strange, the usual fingerprint lock request is based on the differences of choices, use should be applied security fingerprint lock, so much such request is low, without modification, convenient after-sale protection. Fingerprint lock engineering general batch in bidding, can request door factory directional supply consistent product device matching door, is, there is no modification, as long as the subsequent protection or popular anti-theft lock switch, there will be some trouble, there are new locks don't match. Strange is the difference between a normal fingerprint lock is engineering fingerprint lock as household the indirect way to fingerprint lock is to guard ark of edge lock tongue under rectangular lock body under lock tongue ( Guide plates) Can the width of 24 x240mm ( Important specifications) , most of the 24 x260mm, 24 x280mm, 30 x240mm, hand center to the door of the strange between ordinary in the 60 mm. In short is general indirect needless to move holes indirectly device into common security doors, and with intelligent functions, electronic fingerprint departments recognition rate is higher. Villa fingerprint lock, is a specialized to supply all kinds of villas with antique type of fingerprint lock. The fingerprint lock is a representative of the fingerprint lock in the high grade product line today. When you purchase it, how to choose a good fingerprint lock is compared with its price concern. Factors influencing the fingerprint lock the price basis on what? 1, material: material qualitative, fingerprint lock takes on certain level to fingerprint lock the price range. Because in the condition of different common, some excellent choice for manufacturing of fingerprint lock product material, because its material cost is visible, with is that the price of the product, relatively high some. 2, efficacy: dealing with some products have many kinds of efficacy of fingerprint lock, also due to the complex production process compare, and the price will match. For example, have the effect such as fingerprints and combination of fingerprint lock is better than pure only has the combination form of fingerprint lock the price is higher. 3, brand: now on the market of fingerprint lock a single brand, each brand of smart lock the price is not strange. Because each brand can be due to the great differences in the set decoration equipment, cause the price also not strange. Some are tens of thousands, some several hundred, most is between several thousand. Now, fingerprint lock as intelligent household anti-theft security, entertainment, leisure, and convenient and efficient intelligent household products, natural has become a hot tools, sought after by many families, public rental housing, rental apartments, short time two homeowners, and hotel watchfulness.
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