B the difference between lock core and a lock core

by:Level      2020-07-31
To understand intelligence door lock all know, class C lock is the common use of the intelligent door locks lock core, but C lock lock and class B, what are the differences? First class B lock core, belongs to a safety lock core level, at present most of the mechanical lock the B class lock. B class lock generally for three main types: computer double row lock, double row crescent lock, double-sided Ye Piansuo core. Technology lock in 5 to 20 minutes or so commonly, if it is a strong tool, 1 minute to open the lock. Class C lock is the higher security level lock, the lock core even veteran skilled, also must be in two hours or so to unlock, mutual opening rate close to zero, if use strong twist tool open, lock the internal damage, explosive lock could not be opened. To distinguish between the two, the internal structure is not shown, in general, can be key to distinguish between the two, B class lock will have bumps, and class C lock only lines. Class C lock security properties, is the common use of the intelligent door locks lock, when purchasing a smart door lock is also good to analyze, buy smart door lock with grade C lock safety performance is high.
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