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by:Level      2020-07-24
There are already many smart password fingerprint lock on the market brand, to intelligent fingerprint lock passwords don't understand, people ask, intelligent fingerprint password lock since it is convenient, how safe? Many people think this is contradictory, take a look at the following smart password fingerprint lock, see if it can solve the difficulty. Intelligent password intelligent fingerprint lock password fingerprint lock is made of zinc alloy die casting and become integrated front and rear panel, to prevent violent demolition, and will report to the police. Not only that, it also adopts electrostatic spraying, prevent discoloration, surface smooth and beautiful. Intelligent fingerprint lock password using living fingerprint acquisition head, sensitive reaction speed, and is not copied fingerprint oh, because is living, so with your body temperature, pressure, speed, bad people want to enter? No way! Intelligent fingerprint password lock with APP authorization password lock function, if you have a visitor, you don't need to go home to open the door, handsets can be authorized password lock, and intelligent fingerprint password lock can also set up automatic lock function, prevent the guest did not take the door, the door is open. It is important that the APP lock by adopting the technology of zigbee is infinite, hackers can't invasion, and has a smooth, low power consumption, etc. Intelligent fingerprint password lock USES the international standard of grade C lock core, by the relevant departments, the lock core is through technical opening in 270 minutes, however, ordinary lock can be opened, it only takes a few seconds, the thief would not leave will not stand in 270 minutes on your doorstep. Intelligent password fingerprint locks phantom password lock function, in the case of anyone enter the password, enter a password to unlock, the technology is different from ordinary lock technology, users can in a real password before and after increased at N gibberish, protect the real password. Such a combination appearance, safe and convenient intelligent fingerprint lock password how can you not love?
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